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From: "Patty" <>
Subject: Re: [Waterbury] House Bill in Conn that might end Connecticut genealogy Research
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 08:57:18 -0800
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Hello again everyone,

Here is another email from the CT Fairfield group that might help add more
info on this subject. I know or at least have heard that people that rip off
peoples identity will take the info from people that is passed as there own.
But preventing us from doing our own legal research if that is what is
happening is not the way. I have told everyone I know about this that lives
in Conn. Hope it helps.



I received word about an effort to restrict vital records access in
Connecticut. The meeting in CT is scheduled this Thursday and requests have
been sent out to mobilize a resistance.

Below is a forwarded message from friend and fellow researcher, Lynn
Marshall, with attached analysis from Dr. Rafford:

"We need as many people as possible to volunteer to be at the Legislative
Office Building on this Thursday, March 11, for a hearing in room 1D at 10
a.m. It is best to arrive much earlier if you wish to sign up to testify. If
you are going to testify, or even if you don't, you can bring a copy of your
testimony with you to be circulated to legislators. I count 23 members of
the Public Health Committee, so you should bring at least that many copies.
There are really no places around there to duplicate pages, so you must do
it before arriving.

If you personally know of a legislator, especially one on the Public Health
Committee, you should contact him or her immediately and let them know your
concern. Even if you don't know your legislator, you should make contact.
The more they hear of our concern, the more they will have to listen to us.

Tell them you don't want records closed to the public and that genealogists
in particular, professional or not, need access to all records.

Here is the address of the Adobe Acrobat file (pdf) of the bill. The major
section that we are concerned about is from line 150 through 226, pages 6,
7, and 8."


Thanks - this may be the most important legislation affecting genealogical
research in the history of Connecticut, so we must prevail!

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Subject: Re: [Waterbury] House Bill in Conn that might end Connecticut
genealogy Research

> This is NOT bogus.....unfortunately it is really happening here in CT.
> Many of my genealogy friends will be attending the hearing on Thurs.
> and testifying. Local gen societies, clubs, fraternal organizations are
> rallying as we speak.
> ~Carol in CT
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