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From: ken morris <>
Subject: [CTLITCHF] Barto
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 09:56:43 -0800

Posted on: Litchfield County, Ct Query Forum
Reply Here: http://genconnect.rootsweb.com/gc/USA/Ct/Litchfield/1356

Surname: Morris, Barto, Weed

Howdy-My ggggrandfather,Eli Morris(1769) married Ruth Barto in 1804 in
the Catskill NY area. Her family is fairly well documented-I don't remember
a Giles but he may be there somewhere. Ruth is listed as being born in
Redding,Conn. Her father was Silus Bartoo I believe married to Ruth Luce.
If you can find Early Settlers of New York in the New York Genealogical
Society's Magazine-you will find it. I will see if I can find more accurate
name for that source at home if you would like. Who else do you have in
Bethlehem or Conn. I'm still trying to find where my Eli was born-somewhere
in Conn.

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