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Subject: [CTNEWLON-L] Nelson Butler Horton m: Jane Elizabeth Keeney 1895 CT
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 22:41:39 EDT


I don't know if this helps my hunt but I will try anything. I just received
back the SSDI applications on two of Nelson's sons and they so kindly added
his middle name along with their mothers. Nelson Butler Horton and Jane
Elizabeth Keeney. Nelson's father's name was Ellsworth J. Horton and when
Nelson had children he named his first son Ellsworth James Horton. Nelson's
2nd son was named Clarence Graham Horton. I do wonder however the
relationship of Graham to the family as the name was passed to my brother via
my father via Nelson's 4th son Walter Nathaniel Horton who's brother was
Clarence Graham Horton. The time frame is 1874 Nelson was born. Nelson and
Jane was married in 1895 and Walter was born in 1903. All in New London
including my father and his brothers. Ellsworth J. Horton the father to this
Horton Clan was born in NY as per the 1880 census for New London, CT. Where
I don't know and that is something that I could use some help with. If
anyone on this list can associate any of these little clue's to a link please
let me know.
I am also interested in the Keeney name and haven't as of yet been able to
find out who her parents were.

Debbie Horton M.
South Florida

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