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Subject: [CUBA] Re : Ancestry with Indian blood in OUR veins....
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As far as Taino is concerned, it may be the case that Tinima and Cacanga are the only two known to history.  But the conquistador Joan Millan de Bohorquez also married an Indian nabori (though probably a siboney) from whom I am also descended, who belonged to encomienda given to Bernardino de Quesada.

Millan's case is an important one.  He requested that the Emperor Charles I allow him to take his wife and many of her relatives back to Andalucia, and I am looking now at a Real Provision de D. Carlos from 1536 which allows Millan de Bohorquez to do just that.  One og Millan's daughters returned to Cuba from Spain, and it is from her that I am descended.  (I am also descended from Tinima) though not from Cacanga, as my Recio lines are from Anton's brother.


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The daughter of the cacique of Camaguey's name was Tinima, Cacanga was a different person altogether. These are the only two indian chief's daughters whose name have survived there were many others who also married Spaniards but whose names are not known.
The indian population in Cuba was decimated by disease, hard labor and by being forced to carry the expedition's goods in Mexico and several attempts to settle Florida as well as other areas.
According to anthropologist the tainos are a branch of the Arawaks and the Ciboneyes a branch of Florida indians, you will have to read more about these topics to get a more indepth knowledge about this topic as it is impossible to go into it here for lack of space. Also Florida indians were brought to Cuba and settled in different places among which was Guanabacoa, which in my opinion is where the present day vestiges of mixed indian ancestry comes from because there are no full blooded indians in Cuba like we have in the US and South America where populations were larger.   
There are many records that indicate that other aboriginal indian groups were also brought as slaves to Cuba from Central and South America including the Mayans from Yucatán, and some archeologists claim they brought the rectangular shaped bohio common in their land to our shores which substituted the square, used only by the chief of the tribe, the round and oval shaped bohios of the tainos. This is also historically validated in XVI century Havana where a section was called Campeche due to the indians who were settled there.
As Silvia pointed out the only known Taino descent lines are derived from Cacanga and Tinima, not the only ones but rather just the ones that can be safely identified with documentation. A study done in Puerto Rico claims that about 61% of the population have taino mtDNA. Although this is a high number it represents an insignificant percentage in similar proportion to the YDNA of the patriarchal line in genealogy.

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