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Let's see, Who's on First?

The Native Americans, then: the Spanish; the French; the Dutch; the
Swedes; the English. Now who is the immigrant taking over someone's
land? Let's have some historical perspective in mind when we make
these statements.


Steven C. Perkins

On 10/23/06, Russ Davis <> wrote:
> Hi: I want to thank you for sending the email in re 'new immigrants'. Here in Southern CA we are inundated with illegals, mostly from Mexico. Everywhere you go, all you hear is Spanish and all you see are Mexicans, Indians (from India), Vietnamese....I could go on and on......I think we have more immigrants than any other state and most of them are Mexicans and from Latin America. Our schools are overcrowded, our jails are full, our ER's are in trouble (the Mexicans use the Emergency Rooms for any and all complaints and it is law here that they have to be taken care of), thousands of babies are born to illegal parents and for some reason which I don't understand, if they are born in this country, they are citizens. Some of our politicians are even trying to get bills passed that would give them drivers licenses. Our colleges are allowing illegal aliens to attend college at in-state tuition (out of state citizens have to pay out of state tiution). It seems th!
> a lot of politicians are bending over backwards to help these illegals.....I for one do not understand their thinking. Of course, there is such a huge number of Mexicans and they are for anything to help the Mexicans......they protest, wave their Mexican flag and demand rights and privileges to which they are not entitled. I have seen homes where there is a huge Mexican flag on a flag pole in their front yards.
> I have written letters to the Editor, the Press-Enterprise in Riverside. Some of my letters have been published but when I write one that tells it like it is, they do not print it. I have written to the President and members of Congress about this subject....all I get back is a form letter (I doubt they even read them). What is infuriating is that the President and Congress have been aware of this problem for years but they chose not to do anything about it.
> We are in real danger of being taken over by Mexicans......right now Southern CA is being known as Mexifornia. We would like to move out of CA but are too old and it costs too much for do so. Besides, I think the rest of the country is beginning to be over run with them.
> I would hope that everyone calls or writes, get in touch with somehow, with the President and Congress members and let them know how you feel about this chaotic mess.
> Thanks,
> Ruth
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