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Subject: Re: SKELTON, CHAMBERS Abby Hohue ? Wigton, Cumberland, England
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 10:30:06 -0000

Barbara Martinelli writes:

>Just happened to read something, that I thought might be interesting to
>you, in Jollies Cumberland guide & Directory 1811.

>"Skelton John, poet luareat to King Henry VIII. was born at Armathwaite
>Castle, and "reowned amongst men for his poetry and philosophy. Taking
>holy orders he was made rector of Diss in Norfolk, where he was esteemed
>far fitter for the stage than the pulpit. For his buffeonery in the
>pulpit, and his satyrical ballads against the mendicants, we are told
>that he fell under servere censure of the deocesan: at length daring to
>vent his redicule on Cardina' Wolsey, he obliged to take shelter in
>Westminster Abby." Died in 1529. Wood's Athena Ox."

I don't think there is an Armathwaite Castle - or ever was. There are
two places in the county called Armathwaite. One is a village near
Carlisle with no castles or big houses etc. The other is at the 'top
end' of Bassenthwaite Lake. At this point is Armathwaite Hall, which is
presently a hotel. It was owned by my ancestors, the Highmore family
from c1540 to 1748. The ownership just before that time is uncertain.

In 'A History of the Highmoors of Cumberland' (unpublished) there are
two references to the name de Skelton, as follows:-

"1401 Robert del Highmoore witness with others to the transfer of land
from Robert Mulcastre and William de Clifford to Sir John de Skelton
and John de Skelton."

"1406 Sir Robert de Highmoor purchases in fee simple the Ville of
Bewaldeth from Sir Robert de Mulcastre. . . .
Witnesses to the grant of purchase were . . . . John de Skelton .
. . ."

Hope this helps.

Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK

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