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Subject: Re: [CUMB] DIXON family of Ulverston district
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 19:49:35 +0100
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Hi Mark,

Another mammoth effort for this family!

In 1881 the DIXONs are in Egton cum Newlands in Ulverston District. James DIXON
is aged 32, a bobbin turner, born in Milnthorp, WES. His wife is Mary, aged 34,
no place of birth stated. Children Thomas (age 12, born Milnthorp), Mary (5),
James (3), John (1) - none of their birth places stated.

In 1891 Ancestry had their name as DIRTON. They were still in Egton cum
Newlands. James (41, bobbin turner, born WES, N.K.), wife Mary (42, born WES,
Grayrigg), children James (13, bobbin borer & scholar, born WES, Crooklands),
John (11, born Crooklands) and Ernest (8, born Egton c Newland).

In 1901, they are at Crooklands, Preston Richard, WES. James (51, bobbin turner,
born WES, Milnthorpe), wife Mary (52, born WES, Orton) and son John (21,
blacksmith, born WES, Preston Richard).

In 1871 James DIXON is a journeyman bobbin turner in the household of a bobbin
manufacturer in Preston Richard. He is aged 21 and born in Milnthorpe, and his
marital status is not given, although the assumption would be that he was
unmarried. It seems likely that the first son Thomas was born before the
marriage as he should have been born about 1869.

I think I have found your Mary in 1891 as a house servant with a CHAMBERS family
in Kendal. She is aged 15 and born in Crooklands, which would make sense. No
other Mary DIXON of the right age born in a more likely place!

In 1901, a Mary DIXON (aged 25, single, born Milnthorpe) is a domestic servant
at Bridge End in Ulverston, and her employer is a hotel keeper. And another one
of the domestic servants is Fanny W. ATKINSON (age 24, single, born Ulverston).
Another piece of the puzzle! Perhaps Fanny was related to Mary's future husband,
and that's how she met him? Or maybe she was just a good friend and therefore
asked to be witness at the wedding.

The only note of caution is that in the 1881 census in Habergham Eaves in
Burnley, LAN, there is a 5-year-old Mary DIXON born in Milthrop, WES, boarding
with her unmarried mother Ann DIXON (age 46. laundress, born LAN, Barrow) and
8-year-old sister Margaret (born WES, Milthrop) in the house of a James WRIGLEY.
I think she is less likely to be your Mary DIXON because her mother was
unmarried, but it is just possible she was the same as the one in 1901 in
Ulverston... Mind you, I could not find her in 1891, nor was there a second Mary
DIXON born in Milnthorpe in 1901.

Milnthorpe is in the parish of Heversham which is next door to Preston Patrick.
Preston Patrick contains Preston Richard and Crooklands. Milnthorpe and
Crooklands are about 3 miles apart.

FreeBMD has only one Mary DIXON birth in Kendal District in 1875-76, which makes
it even more confusing.

Birth Sep 1875 DIXON, Mary Kendal 10b 698

There are some Marys with a middle name in Kendal in 1874, and another Mary
DIXON in June 1874.

Perhaps your Mary was born premaritally?

However, I could only find two marriages of a James DIXON matching a Mary in
Westmorland between 1871 and June 1881:

Marriage Sep 1871 DIXON, James Kendal 10b 906
matches Mary SEDGWICK

Marriage Sep 1872 DIXON, James Kendal 10b 989
matches Mary KITCHING
However, looking at the 1881 census, it looks as if Mary KITCHING married the
other male on the page (Thomas CAMM), and this James DIXON married a Jessie.

Interestingly, I found Mary SEDGWICK pre her marriage in the 1871 census, and
she would fit the bill! She is a servant in Mansergh parish, which falls under
Kendal District, and she is unmarried, aged 23 and born in WES, Orton. She does
not have a son Thomas with her, but I also found a 2-year-old Thomas SEDGWICK,
born in Heversham, a "nurseling" with a YEATES family in Preston Patrick. The
same family has another 5-year-old nurseling called James DIXON! The plot

In 1861, Mary SEDGWICK (born Orton) was a 15-year-old servant with an ATKINSON
family in Birbeck Fells, Orton.
In 1851, she lives with her mother Emma SEDGWICK in Grayrigg, WES (Grayrigg was
given as Mary DIXON's birth place in 1891!). Her father is absent. Mother Emma
is married, age 25, a molecatcher's wife and born in Orton. Mary is aged 5 and
born in Orton, and her younger sister Emma is aged 3 and born in Grayrigg.

FreeBMD has only one marriage between the 1841 and 1851 census in Westmorland of
a male SEDGWICK matching an Emma (mind you, there are 4 couples on that page,
including an Eleanor SEDGWICK - perhaps a double marriage of brother and

Marriage June 1846 Kendal 25 565
Thomas SEDGWICK matches Emma BLAND

There is also the birth of a Mary SEDGWICK in the same quarter (gunshot

Birth June 1846 SEDGWICK, Mary Kendal 25 524

No birth of a Mary BLAND in WES between 1844 and Jun 1846.

I think that is enough for today. An avalanche of images will follow off list!


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> Dear List,
> As I have already had so much help and amazingly intuitive detective work
> from many listers I thought I would 'chance my arm' with the family line for
> which I have the fewest leads.
> Mary DIXON married James ATKINSON on 10th Nov 1906 at Ulverston Register
> Office. Both were aged 31 putting Marys birth year at around 1874/75.
> At the time Mary DIXON was working as a general servant (domestic) at the
> Kings Arms Hotel, Ulverston.
> Her father is listed as a James DIXON - Bobbin Turner. Of James that is all
> I have so he could have been born anywhere between 1820-1860!!
> One of the witnesses to the wedding was a Fanny DIXON.... possibly Mary's
> sister (or sister-in-law, mother?).
> I know this is not much to go on and I am struggling to find the next link
> as both the surnames and christian names here are not particularly rare. We
> beleive the family is from the Ulverston/ Cuberland/Lancashire area but again
> have no strong evidence.
> I am afraid that is all I have for my DIXONs..... if anyone has any ideas
> about how I can trace these further back or, indeed, if you are researching
> DIXONs or have them in your tree I would very much welcome any help.
> Regards
> Mark

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