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I finally finished transcribing the Burials for the Cumberland Bootle

I will eventually add dates, but for now it's just the name and year of

Much thanks to Petra for her kind--and very experienced--help!!!

Burials 1813 - 1875

William Huddlestone, October 23, 1867 2
James Gaitskell, July 17, 1871 3
Elizabeth Brocklebank, December 11, 1872 2
James High, July 2, 1873 2
Jeremiah Gunson, February 25, 1873 2
William Hodgson, August 14, 1873 3
A man unknown washed ashore at Bootle; found on the sea shore (buried
August 3, 1873). See
Page 96 - 1873.


Page 1 - 1813
William Smith
John Dixon
John Park
William Pickthall
Edward Postlethwaite
Elizabeth Skeldon
William Nicholson
Hannah Ann Wilson

Page 2 - 1814, 15
Alice Grice - Widow
John Hodgson - Yeoman
William Dawson - Husbandman
John Hodgson - Yeoman
Dorothy Dixon - Widow
Jane Tyson - Wife of Robert Tyson
John Smith - Gentleman
William Smith - Yeoman

Page 3 - 1815, 16
Betty Baster - Widow
Andrew Huggins - Soldier
John Sherwen - Inn Keeper
Thomas Parkes - Husbandman
William Diamond
Henry Shaw
Nicholas Thompson- Yeoman
Nancy Askew

Page 4 - 1816, 17
John Grice
William Williamson
Nancy Graham
John Kitchin
Matthew Wittam
Anthony Parker - Yeoman
Mary Tyson
Joseph Newton - Yeoman

Page 5 - 1817, 18
Sarah Pritt - Spinster
Jane Parker - Wife of John Parker
John Dixon
James - Son of John and Isabella Gardner
William - Son of William and Nancy Holmes
William Dixon - Yeoman
John Dixon - Farmer
Mary Diamond - Daughter of William and Elizabeth Diamond

Page 6 - 1818, 19
Henry Grice - Son of Wm and Sarah Grice
Jane Crosthwaite - Wife of John Crosthwaite
Hannah Gaitskell (Gaitshell)
Martha Knowles
John Pritt
William Mellon (Hellon Wellon)
John Nixon
Jane Parker

Page 7 - 1819, 20
John Parker
Elizabeth Park
Hugh Tyson
William Poole
Nocholas Briggs
Sarah Parker
Isaac Pickthall
Mary James

Page 8 - 1820
Hannah Gaitskell
William Briggs
Margaret Dixon
Bridget Hodgson
Joseph Tyson
Ann Madder
Isaac Gaitsk ell
Susannah Gaitskell

Page 9 - 1820, 21
William Kendal
Frances Shaw
Isabella Biggins
Thomas Glasser
Margaret Middleton
Agnes Briggs
William Briggs
Joseph Askew

Page 10 - 1821, 22
Nicholas Briggs
Elizabeth Harrington
Matthew Davidson
Thomas Holme
Robert Nevison (Nesison)
James Wilson
Mary Davidson
Philip Kitchen

Page 11 - 1822, 23
Abo2d2e: Cordamoss
John Askew
Jane Crosthwaite
Jane Docker (Dockray)
Joseph Kitchen
Esther Well
Sanuel Gawith
George Dixon

Page 12 - 1823, 24
William Harrington (Hassington)
John Woodburn (Woodbush)
John Patterson
John Parker
William Hodgson
William Dixon
James Woodward
Thomas Wood (Mood)

Page 13 - 1824, 25
John Parker
Isaac Helson (Nelson)
Hannah Huddlestone
Agnes Sharp
Esabella Gardiner
Elizabeth Holmes
Robert Armstrong
William Steble

Page 14 - 1825
Thomas Parker
A man found on the shore at Eskm??als - deed & supposed to have wash
over (buried/5/1825)
Catharine Parke (Paike)
Ann Kitchen
Hannah Askew - Widow
Tomas Parke (Paike)
Thomas Robinson
Richard Walker (Wallnes)

Page 15 - 1826, 27
John Hobson
Hugh Parker
Elizabeth Robinson
John Briggs
John Huddlestone
Hannah Nicholson
Thomas Hodgson
Richard Tyson

Page 16 - 1827, 28
Hannah Parker
Edward Grice
Ann Briggs
Joseph Bibby
William Poole
Nancy Kitchen
Henry Kendal
Thomas Smith

Page 17 - 1828
Hobson Benn
Elizabeth Nicholson
William Parker
John Clark
Mary Ann Grice
Mary Borrowdale
Elinore Docker
Richard Dickinson

Page 18 - 1828, 29
Jonathan Sharp
Sarah Parke (Parker)
Anthony Wilson
Mary Tyson
John Farghor (Fargher)
Elizabeth Wood
Joseph Shaw
James Short

Page 19 - 1829, 30
James Shepherd
Frances Walker
Elizabeth Walker
Aaron Wood
William Gaitskell
Ann Parker
Benjamin Caddy (Cabby)
John Parker

Page 20 - 1830, 31
Jane Clark
Edward Dixon
Mary Pritt
Nancy Jackson
Lucy Grice (Su ??)
Thomas Brocklebank
Tamer Tyson (James) ?
Mary Shaw

Page 21 - 1831
Hannah Parker
Isaac Gaitskell
Mary Parker
Jane Hable
Agnes Gawith (Gowith)
Jamnel (James) Whinnerah (Whimmerah)
Mary Duckworth - A Female
William Gaitskell

Page 22 - 1831, 32, 33
Henry Grier (Gr ??)
Eleanor Hodgson
William Herbert
John Herbert
Elizabeth Smith
Robert Pickthall
Margaret Gaitskell
Ann Dixon

Page 23 - 1833
John Wilkinson Slater
Hannah Cragg
William Park
James Woodend
Ann Smith
George Parke
Mary Brocklebank
T ?? Wright Willie Wi ?? (buried June 13, 1833)

Page 24 - 1833, 34
Elizabeth Gaitskell
Thomas Newton
Mary Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Mary Benn
Tim Coward
A man found on the shore, supposed to be - Mills of Newry [Nenry]
(buried 2/10/1833
John Clark (Clarke)

Page 25 - 1834
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Park
John Parker
A male person, name unknown, found dead on the shore. (Buried May,34.)
John Robinson
Henry Borrowdale
James Pickthall
Mary Crosthwaite (buried 8/5/1834)

Page 26 - 1834
Henry Grice (scratched out)
Betsy Coward
William Shaw
Fanny Wheniah (Whenirah)
Ann Wilson
Eleanor Knight
Mary Ann Jackson
Lucy Shepherd

Page 27 - 1835
Thomas Crosthwaite
Edward Shaw
James Gaitskell
John Stables (Stebles)
Isaac Gaitskell
Hannah Tyson
Richard Tyson
Jane Gaitskell

Page 28 - 1835
Henry Grice
John Parks (Parke)
William Shaw
Sarah Braithwaite
Isaac Gaitskell
Eleanor Sharp
Jane Braithwaite
Hanner Parker

Page 29 - 1836
Sharah Metcalfe
Elizabeth Fisher
Mary Hartky (Hartly)
Martha Gaitskell
Frederick Discor (Dixon)
Ann Tyson
Anthony Parker
Joseph Herring

Page 30 - 1836, 37
Crosthwaite Crowdson (buried August)
Joseph Taylor
mary Ellen High (Nigh)
Stephen Hodgson
Mary Brich (Grice)
John Sharp
Anne Herring
William Clark

Page 31 - 1837
Robert James
Maria Riley
John Jackson
Hannah Dixon
John Shaw
Henry Parker
Ann Hope
Agnes Helling

Page 32 - 1837, 38
Samuel Wilson
Edward Ireland
Henry Parker (Parke)
Isabelle Parker
Ann Borrow dale (Borrowsdale)
Henry Kitchen
Thomas Orenarchy (Oronarchy Oronarcly)
Mary Anne Holmes (Mary-Anne)

Page 33 - 1838, 39
Ann Dickenson
Thomas Coilson
Richard Crowdson
Tannar Dixon
Miles Newby
Ann Smith
John Grice
Isabella Biggins (Riggins)

Page 34 - 1839
Jonathan Singleton
Ann Robinson
Richard Knight
William Grice
Richard Knight
Frances Smith
Thamar C ?
Anne Hope (Amy)

Page 35 - 1839, 40
Name Unknown - the body of a man thrown ashore at Selker (buried 6/25/1839)
John Kitchen
John Fishe (Fisher)
Frances Ann Whinnerah
Isaac Kitchen
Mary Pritt
Miles Newby
Mary Laddy (Leddy)

Page 36 - 1840, 41
John Crosthwaite
Thomas Biggins
Matthew Myers
RUth Myers
John Smith
Robert Satterthwaite
Ann Scott
John Crelling

Page 37 - 1841, 42
Richard Tyson
Ann Dixon High (Nigh)
Elizabeth Jackson
William Grice
James Whinnery
Mary Sinclair
Ann Grice
John Bri kett

Page 38 - 1842, 43
Mary Ann Stable
Mary Huddleston and Sarah Askew (both on no.8)
Mary Hobson
Robert Pickthall
Elizabeth Askew
Esther Gla ??
Edward Park (Parke Parks)
Body of a man thrown up upon the Beach (buried 1/8/1843).

Page 39 - 1843
William Whinnerah
Betty Clements
Elizabeth Braithwaite
Robert Metcalfe
Henry Benn
Hannah Burney (Bunney)
The body of a young man, cast up on the shore - name unknown. (buried
The body of a man cast up on the shore - name unknown. (Jeremiah Shaw)

Page 40 - 1843, 44
Thomas Williams (a body cast ashore) (buried 11/8/1843)
Bridget Parker (formerly of Ten.)
Body of a young man (name unknown) cast on shore. (buried 11/30/1843)
Elizabeth Pickthall
Esther Sehpherd
Henry Parker
John Pickthall (Rickthall)
Adah Glassar

Page 41 - 1844
William Huddleston
Hannah Grice
Thomas Hodgson
(Omitted in its place) John Braithwaite
William Taylor
Margaret Whinnerah
Mary Parker
Elizabeth Shepherd

Page 42 - 1844, 45
James Huddleston
Thomas Guelderd
William Witherington
Elizabeth Park
Isabella Parker
John Grice (Rev.)
Martha Whinnerah
Elizabeth Pickthall

Page 43 - 1845, 46
Richard Lowther
Richard Young
Elizabeth Parker (Parke)
Firdinend Fouse (Firdinerd)
Jane Hodg son
William Park
Eleanor Young
William Young

Page 44 - 1846, 47
Susan Kitchen
Elizabeth Dixon
William Gordon
Anne Dobson
Henry Parke (Park)
James Farghe (Fargher)
Matthew Grice
Susan Shepherd

Page 45 - 1847
Michael Young
Ruth Sim
SUsan Harrington
John Hodgson
Hannah Forse (Fonse)
Eleanour Huddleston
John Ireland
Thomas Grice

Page 46 - 1847
Hannah Holme
Mary Williamson
Wiliam Ward
Ann Williamson
Betsy Ward
Mary Anne Walker
Moses Shepherd
Sarah Fisher

Page 47 - 1847
Sarah Fisher
Edward Shackley
James Weeks
John Askew
Hannah Fouse
Isaac Walker Huddleston
Hugh McQuid ( Mc Quid)
Margaret Lowther

Page 48 - 1847, 48
Charles Tyson
Thomas Wigna
Hannah Caddy
Margaret Biggins
Elizabeth Brocklebank
John High
Mary Huddleston
Mary Kitchen

Page 49 - 1848, 49
James Fitzsimmon (Fitzsimon)
Mary Davidson
Isaac Shaw R.N.
John Leece (Lecce)
Jane Taylor
Jane Woodend (Woodard)
John Nicholson
Mary Myers

Page 50 - 1849, 50
Ann Bourke
John Gaitskell
William Fouse
Jane Gaitskell
Margaret Wilkinson
Alice Wilkinson
William Ormandy
Mary Wilson

Page 51 - 1850
Dorothy Crelin (Crellin Crelling )
Patrick Doran (Dorau Foran)
Jane Braithwaite
George Grice
Elizabeth Braithwaite (William Scott scratched out.)
John Styth
Jane Fargahan (Fargahar)
Isaac Taylor

Page 52 - 1850, 51
Ann Woodhead
Hannah Dixon (Denon Denor)
William Diamond
William Shaw
Sarah Park
mary Close (Clove)
Mary Caddy
Elizabeth Rainford

Page 53 - 1851, 52
Hannah Parker
A tailor not known at Bootle. Found on the shore drowned. (Buried July,51.)
Martha Elizabeth Rainford
Hannah Askew
Hannah Benn
John Harrington
Seth Ormandy
Henry Ormandy

Page 54 - 1852, 53
Agnes Gaitskell
Mary Herbert
William Grice
Hugh Parker
Henry Dobson
Eleanor Parker
George Scott
James Hannah

Page 55 - 1853
George Smith
John Brocklebank
John Davidson
Sarah Wilson
Elizabeth Gaddes
Mary Charnock
Mary Hodgson
James Barnes

Page 56 - 1853, 54
Annie Corrie
Eleanor Diamond
A man found dead on the shore (buried July 6, 1853).
Agnes Steel
Isabella Ainsworth
Wilfred Lowther
William Aeron (Acron)
Mary Jane Wilson

Page 57 - 1854
Ann Tyson
Betty Poole
Eleanor Wilson
Joseph Burnhope (Bunnhope)
Martha Shaw
Mary Pritt
William Dixon
Harrison Attinson

Page 58 - 1854, 55
Henry Tyson
Mary Tyson
William Parker (Parkes)
Elizabeth Parker (Parkes)
John Parker (Parkes)
Joseph Whitridge Grendall
Margaret Leece (Lecce)
Mary Clark

Page 59 - 1855
Edmund Tyson
Eleanor Shaw
William Whimmerah
Sarah Thackler
Hannah Woods
Richard Batey
John Braithwaite Dobson
Isaac Parke (Park)

Page 60 - 1855, 56
John Tyson
William Parker (Parkes)
Hannah Anderson
Henry Hodgson
John Harrison
James Huddleston
James Gaitskell
William Wells

Page 61 - 1856
John Parker
William Wilkinson
Betty Bell
Jane Gaitskell
Jane Batey
William Burnhope
George Williamson
Joseph Sharp

Page 62 - 1857
Mary Brown
Esther Glessal (Glefsal)
William Morris
Elizabeth Grindall
James Holmes
Agnes Park
Hannah Ormandy
James Gawith (Garnilh)

Page 63 - 1857
John Anderson
Mary Ireland
John Huddleston
Edmond Nelson
James Morgan
Edward Lamb
Thomas Thompson
Joseph Parker (Parkes)

Page 64 - 1857, 58
Mary Stable
William Knowles
Hannah Parker (Parkes)
John Smith
Nancy Holmes
Ann Hodgson
Elizabeth Pickthall
John Parker (Parkes)

Page 65 - 1858
Margaret Gunson
Nancy Borrowdale
Thomas Thackary (Thackray)
Isabella Grice
William Leece
John Parker (Parkes)
Isaac William Burns
Name Unknown - a male found on the sea shore. (Buried July 30, 1858.)

Page 66 - 1858, 59
Jane Leece (Lecce)
Margaret Wells
Hannah Huddleston
William Robinson
Hannah Atkinson
John Gawith
Margaret Thompson
Mary Agnes Atkinson

Page 67 - 1859
Elizabeth Smith
Betty Ormandy
John Huddleston
Mary Ann Wilson
John Mellon Robinson
William Smith
Dorothy Smith
Ann Dixon

Page 68 - 1859
Frances Pritt
William Barker (Barkes)
Jane Burney
Agnes Nelson
Eleanor Harrison
Alice Dixon
Jane Casson (Cafson)
William Taylor

Page 69 - 1859, 60
Betty Biggins
Mary Jane Dixon
Bridget Dixon
Joseph Barrow
Nancy Lamb
Mary Smith
Nancy Wilson
Anthony Park

Page 70 - 1860
William Hodgson
William Pickthall
Ann Edmonds
Anes Leece (Lecce)
John Lamb
John Henry Nicholson Metcalfe
Thomas Cowperthwaite
John Wilson

Page 71 - 1860
John Stables
Richard Myers
Robert Casson (Cafson)
Ann Livermoore
Ann Dobson
Harry Bowes
Margaret Gaitskell
Jane Davidson

Page 72 - 1860, 61
John Gaitskell
John Gaitskell
John Pickthall
Ann Parker
William Holmes
Margaret Lowther
Joseph Parker (Parkes)
John Knighrt

Page 73 - 1861
Jane Pickthall
Joseph Heron
John William Wilson
Hannah Manson
Anne Ainsworth
Alice Parker (Parkes)
Elizabeth Holmes
Sarah Gawith

Page 74 - 1861, 62
John Davidson
Ann Gaitskell
Isaac Helling (Parish Clerk)
Eleanor Park
Mary Herron
Sarah Barnes
Elizabeth Ann Manson
Christopher Holmes

Page 75 - 1862
Hannah Johnstone
Isaac Holmes
George Whinnerah (Whinerah)
Frances Holmes
Mary Gawith
John Parker
John Farghar (Furghar)
Mary Housby (Hornsby)

Page 76 - 1862, 63
James Wilson
Ann Parker (Parkes)
William Bayliff
Hannah Herbert
Mary Metcalf
Richard R
Thomas Smith
Thomas Gundall

Page 77 - 1863
Kate Hudson
Hannah Jane Jackson
Mary Ann Young
Ann Borrowsdale
John Bowes
Elizabeth Crelling
William Huddleston
John Jackson Hodgson

Page 78 - 1863, 64
Robert Woodburn Parker
William Taylor
Arthur Robinson
Sarah Burney
James TAylor Burns
Richard Edmonds
John Benn
Ann Nevinson

Page 79 - 1866
Elizabeth Thackeray
John Thackeray
Margaret Mossop
Margaret Spencer
Robert Snowden
Ann Grice
Hannah Whinnerah
John Stables

Page 80 - 1864, 65
Joseph Nelson
Ann Pickthall
George Henry Holmes
William Gaitskell
Eleanor Holmes
William Denney
Mary Ann Robinson
Ann Gelderd

Page 81 - 1865, 66
Nancy Rigg
George Menzies
Mary Williamson
Thomas Bibby
Eleanor Taylor
Richard Burns (Barns)
John Gaitskell
Mary Livermore

Page 82 - 1866
Hannah Wilson
Ann Wilson
Sarah Gundall (Grindall)
William Hodgson
William Fisher
Isaac Hodgson
Anthony Parker (Parkes)
Thomas Watson Hudson

Page 83 - 1866, 67
Thomas Hodgson
A man found dead on the shore (buried January 1, 1867).
William Housby
Martha Irven (Irwen)
Hugh Meneery (Menury)
John Hartley
Hannah Satterthwaite
James Burney

Page 84 - 1867
William Huddleston
Man unknown, drowned (buried 5/10/1867).
Richard Holmes
Hannah James
Robert Hornby (Hourby)
Eleanor Helling (Gel ?)
Elizabeth Taylor
Arthur Mon??hous

Page 85 - 1867, 68
Ruth Hannah James
William Huddleston
Margaret Robinson
George Fruth (Truth)
Agnes Ann Robinson
Thomas Wood
John Braithwaite
Robert Pickthall

Page 86 - 1868
Elizabeth Ann Brown ?
William Gaitskell
Elizabeth Herbert
Thomas Park (Pack)
William Parker (Parkes)
John Shaw
Betty Holmes
Elizabeth Braithwaite

Page 87 - 1868, 69
Nancy Hartley
George Clarke
John Williamson
Tamar Pickthall
William Hodgson
William Grice
Dawson Tyson
James Harrison

Page 88 - 1869
John Shackley
Isabelle Smith
James Robinson
John Fearon
Mary Porthouse
Francis Thompson (Frances Thorn ?)
Ann Ward
Jane Smith

Page 89 - 1869, 700
Elizabeth Wilson
Joseph Irvin (Irwen)
Elizabeth Grice
Elizabeth Braithwaite (Hall Foss of Whitbeck)
Margaret Huddleston
Hannah Harrison
William Park
Elizabeth Steel

Page 90 - 1870
Eleanor Hodgson
Alexander McKnight (McFornight)
John Baxter
Hannah Graham
John Gelderd
Kurkby James (Kathy)
Henrietta Wilson
William Hodge

Page 91 - 1870, 71
William Ward
Esther Casson
Matthew Lewis Wilson
Joseph Hodgson
Robert Knowles
Sarah Grice
Mary Askew
Mary Jane Jackson

Page 92 - 1871
Richard Knight
Robert Case Robinson
Ann March or Thorpe
Elizabeth Slack (Stark)
James Gaitskell
Frances Alice McKnight
Hannah Dixon
Robert Dockwray (Dockway)

Page 93 - 1871
Elizabeth Herbert
Ann Gunaudy
Elizabeth Diamond
Elizabeth Hodgson
Isaac Williamson
Sarah Ann Braithwaite
Mary Myers
Michael Wilson

Page 94 - 1871, 72
Martha Parke
Betty Smith
Hannah Robinson
Lucy Grice
Eleanor Pool
Richard Harrington
John Lewthwaite
John Tyson

Page 95 - 1872, 73
Henry Parker (Parkes)
Elizabeth Brocklebank
Rowland Thomas Park
George Satterthwaite
Jane Parker
Jeremiah Gunson
Elizabeth Alice Parker
William Jackson

Page 96 - 1873
George Hanry Taylor
Margaret Jackson
Sarah Slater
James High
Mary Parker
William Ainsworth
Robert Slater
A man unknown washed ashore at BootleƄfound on the sea shore (buried
August 3, 1873).

Page 97 - 1873, 74
William Hodgson
Joseph Landsborough (Landsbrough)
Mary Wells
Abigail Edmonds
Thomas Hornsby (Housby)
Mary Cunningham
Ann Holmes
Thomas Kent

Page 98 - 1874
Agnes Johnson
Elizabeth Williamson
Isabella Steel
Alice Knowles
Robert Case Robinson
John Grice
Thomas Simpson Gaitskell
Anne Kirkby

Page 99 - 1874, 75
John Edmondson
John Jackson Dixon
Ann Grice
Jane Masters
Ellen Gaitskell 1875
Edward Park
William Phizacklen (Phizacklea FAZAKERLEY)
John Joseph Postlethwaite

Page 100 - 1875
Thomas Teasdale
Joseph Parker
John Whinnerah
James Gaitskell
Henry Poole
Edward Kitchin
Isabella Ann Watson
Mary Wards

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