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From: "Petra Mitchinson" <>
Subject: Re: [CUMB] James Allan
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 18:09:15 +0100
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Hi again, Anne,

Just solved the mystery where the Bathurst researcher got their idea that James ALLAN's parents were called John ALLAN and Elizabeth MORDENT.

>From Eldred's (James' father's) baptism in 1786 we know that his parents were called John & Elizabeth. And I just found their marriage:

Married 19 Apr 1784 Bridekirk: John ALLAN (age 26) and Elizabeth MORDENT (age 24).

They were James's grandparents, not his parents!

Now I do suspect that Elizabeth MORDENT is somehow related to the shipowner Eldred MORDAUNT in Workington, and that's how the first name Eldred got into the ALLAN family - from the MORDAUNTs.

I found Elizabeth's baptism:

Bap. 26 Nov 1758 St. Michael, Workington: Elizabeth, daur. of Isaac MORDAUNT

And Elizabeth had a brother Eldred:

Bap. 03 Jan 1769 St. Michael, Workington: Eldred, son of Isaac Mordaunt

There is also:

Bap. 03 Apr 1791 St. Michael, Workington: Eldred, son of Isaac MORDAUNT

That is the ship owner. His father Isaac was another son of Elizabeth MORDENT's father Isaac and bap. 01 Aug 1765.

There are the following relevant marriages:

Married 02 Dec 1751 St. Michael, Workington: Isaac MORDANT & Mary MELVIN

Married 13 Dec 1781 St. Michael, Workington: Isaac MORDAUNT & Frances LOWE

And here is a possible birth for the older Isaac:

Born 15 Feb 1728, bap. 18 Feb 1828 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London: Isaac, son of Pierre & Marie Elizabeth MORDANT.

(That was the ONLY event at any time in the whole of the British Isles outside CUL for an Isaac MORDAUNT.)

French ancestry, no less!!!

Still don't know how the Eldred name got into the MORDAUNT family - through the MELVINs perhaps?


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