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From: Chris Dickinson <>
Subject: Re: [CUMB] A curious event
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:08:50 +0100 (BST)
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Nev. Ramsden wrote:
> Hi list,

> The following curious event is taken from the Dean in Cumberland parish register.

> 21.04.1796    Isaac son of Christopher Fearon of Ullock -  he married Miss Westray Hesket on April 13, & hanged himself on April 20, he was buried in the churchyard - but the burial office was not used .

> I am not certain whether this concerns a Miss Westray Hesket or Miss Westray of Hesket

A sad little story. Not allowed to marry his true love, maybe? Discovery that he couldn't perform? A dreadful wife? Or just general stress/illness?
As a genealogical note. The forename Christopher has a long history in Dean. The earliest Christopher Fearon that I have is Christopher Fearon of Cavey, whose son Christopher was baptised in 1614.
Before anyone asks, I haven't done any work on the Dean Fearons. I only have this record because I extracted some Fearon names while I was working on the Woodhall clan. For the record, I extracted pages 31-46 and page 57 of the typed early Dean register transcript at Whitehaven RO.

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