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From: Kathy Milam <>
Subject: CUNNINGHAM, Joseph - early 1700s - IRELAND > Chester, Pennsylvania USA
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 19:06:50 -0700


I have information on Joseph Cunningham: Joseph Cunningham was born in
Ireland. He immigrated from Ulster, Ireland to Chester, Pennsylvania
with his two brothers prior to 1733. They were descendants of a Scotch
Presbyterian family who had moved from Ayreshire, Scotland to Ulster
during the reign of James I in the 17th century to proselytize the
Catholic Irish. Joseph married Unknown, and they had at least 4
children: Joseph II and an unknown male, and two unknown females.
Joseph II b. 1738 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania migrated to
Greensboro, North Carolina before 1749 with a brother and two sisters
and their husbands. They were among the founders of Buffalo
Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Joseph II married Anne Buntyn in 1757 and they had 11 children: John
Cunningham I b. Sept. 4, 1762; William Cunningham b. July 18, 1763;
Joseph Cunningham b. Feb. 9, 1768; Martha Cunningham b. Feb 2, 1770;
John Cunningham II b. Feb 9, 1774; Robert Cunningham b. Oct. 9, 1776;
Mary Cunningham b. Nov. 12, 1778; Anne Cunningham b. Dec. 14, 1780;
Griffith b. Aug. 15, 1784; George Cunningham b. June 9, 1785; and Rachel
Cunningham b. Sept. 26, 1788.
George Cunningham married Mary Edmiston and I have one child listed, but
there could be more and I just don't know them at this point. His name
was Anson A R Cunningham. George Cunningham was the son of Joseph
Cunningham II. He married Mary Edmiston. We don't have a record of
George's family, but descendants of Anson A R Cunningham relate Anson
being the son of George and Mary Edmiston Cunningham. Prior to June
1830, Anson came to Obion County, TN with George W William and Catherine
S .
Anson: Anson A R Cunningham married Sahara Hubert. Their eight
children listed in his will were: 1. Columbus married Leah A Reeves on
5-24- 1855, 2. Elephas married Derinda A Osbourne on 12-1-1856, 3.
Easter married James F Nall on 10-2-1856 4. Sarah Jane married James
McClain/McLain on 5-12-1857,
5. Jackson, 6. Mansfield, 7. Susan Elizabeth, 8. Mary Caroline
married John Cloar 9-13-1865.
Sarah Jane married James McClain/McLain on May 12, 1857. They had two
boys, and I have information on them as well.
Sarah's brother Columbus is who I am descended from. I have tons of
information on Columbus' branch to the present. Do you think it
possible that your Sarah Cunningham b. 1725 could be the sister to
Joseph Cunningham II b. 1738?
Most of this information came from the Obion County Historical Society
at Union City, Tennessee in a book "Obion County History, Union City,
Tennessee Volume Two 1985". Some of the rest came from research my
dad's aunt did on the Cunningham family and then the rest came from Jean
Byrum--descended from Sarah Jane Cunningham-McLain. Please let me know
if you think we might have a connection. I'm stuck on where to look
next regarding this family. Like I said, I have quite a bit of info
from the late 1800's to the present. If you know of anyone who can help
fill in information or knows where to look I'd really appreciate all the
help I can get.
Thanks so much.
Kathy Burton-Milam

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