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Subject: [CURRAN] Re: Margaret Curran Kennedy
Date: 1 Jan 2002 13:16:31 -0700

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I'm stuck at the same point with John Roger Kennedy (I am his great-granddaughter). My grandfather, Alexander Kennedy, wrote up a family tree in 1965 and I have typed it below verbatim from his original since some of the spelling differs from your search. I hope it helps. Also, my grandfather was an avid photographer and a few years ago I put his photos on cd for my family. Several photos of the Adrian family are contained in my grandfather's albums. If you would like, I can copy the cd for you - just let me know where to send it.
Good luck and please share anything you discover - I will do likewise.

Donna Clark

My grandfather's family tree as he typed it (items in bold were hand-written) :


Father John Roger (Deceased) Married Catherine Curran (Deceased)

11 Children

Brother John (Deceased)

Brother William (Deceased) Sister - Agnes Died Young

Sister Gertrude (Deceased) Married George Pinkham (Deceased)

6 Children

Viola Married Harold Mooney --- 2 Children

Milton Married --- 3 Children

George Married --- 11 Children

John Married --- 2 Children

Gertrude Married Buddy Rabadan --- 6 Children

William Married Children?

Sister Loretto (Deceased) Married Edward Ehrbar (Deceased)

6 Children

Earl (Deceased)

Edward Married --- no Children

Chester Married --- 3 Children

Catherine Married John Glennon --- 3 Children

Alexander Married --- 11 Children (1 Deceased)

Joseph (Deceased) Married --- 6 Children

Alexander Married Mabel Devine (Deceased)

5 Children

Camilla (Deceased) became a Nun

Walter Married Arlene Rupply --- 5 Children

Alexander Married Mary McDermott --- 5 Children

Robert Married Jean Rushforth --- 4 Children (1 Deceased)

Marilyn Married William Detken --- 4 Children

Brother Frank (Deceased) Married Alice McNamarra

3 Children

Jack Married --- 2 Children

Alice Married --- 6 Children

Elanore Married --- 5 Children

Sister Emaline (Deceased) Married George Adrian (Deceased)

2 Children

George (Deceased)

Roger Married --- 4 Children

Sister Ella (Marcella) never Married

Sister Myrtle Married Alan Turner (Deceased) --- no Children

Sister Camilla (Deceased) Died 7 years old 1898.

By Alexander J. Kennedy Sr.

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