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From: "Bob Brown" <>
Subject: [CUSHMAN-L] Re: Bradfords and Cushmans
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:46:40 -0400

To all the Bradfords and Cushmans:

I have found a genealogy dated June 10, 1936 which my grandfather, Robert Cushman of Pawtucket, RI, authorized by The Institute of American Genealogy, Chicago, for something called "The Compendium of American Genealogy (First Families of America)." I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the Institutes findings, and no sources are provided, except for an appended note which says, "Additional data on the Bradford lineage were taken from the record of Mrs. L.H. Fairbanks, Homestead Heights, Gardner, Mass. -- Editor." I have updated the genealogy to the present day.

I would appreciate any input anyone has either validating or invalidating any of the linkages. Also corrections and additions. Thanks!

Robert Cushman Brown

With those caveats, herewith:

1. Abigail Culley Brown, b. 6/5/98; Samantha Shanley Brown, b. 3/3/93; Isobel Laramie Brown, b. 10/14/90, all born in and living in Acton, MA, born to Bradford Taylor Brown.

1. Gordon Hitchings Wallace, b. 5/4/96 to Jennifer Ruth Brown Wallace.

2. BRADFORD Taylor Brown, b. 2/26/61 in Hanover, NH, m. Jane Shanley 9/26/87, b. 1/4/62 in Forest Hills, NY. Sister Jennifer Ruth Brown Wallace, b. 6/25/63 in LaJolla, CA, m. 4/25/92 to Todd A. Wallace, b. 1/10/66. Sister Cynthia Ann Brown Daniels, b. 3/7/66 in Rochester, NY, m. 7/12/97 to Richard Daniels, Jr., b. 11/5/67. Brother Gordon Hitchings Brown, b. 6/19/69 in Rochester, NY.

3. Robert CUSHMAN Brown, b.5/15/38 in Shanghai, China, m. Laramie Ruth Hitchings 9/12/59, b. 5/14/38 in Boston, MA. Sister Nancy Springer Brown, b. 1/24/31 in Shanghai, China, d. 6/24/38 in Shanghai. Sister Elizabeth Little Brown Kaplan, b. 1/3/33 in Shanghai, m. 1960 to John Kaplan (d. 1989), issue Carolyn (b. 12/7/62), Jonathan (b. 6/22/64) and Jessica (b. 10/25/66) m. John Brautigam, issue Maxwell, Jacob Kaplan Brautigam, (b. 10/27/97).

4. Mary BRADFORD CUSHMAN, b. 10/22/1903 in Pawtucket, RI, d. April 1985 in Palo Alto, CA, m. Irving Springer Brown 10/10/28, b. 5/14/1899 in Kansas City, MO. Brother Robert CUSHMAN, Jr., b. 11/22/1898, d.9/3/18 in Philadelphia of influenza. Sister Elizabeth Foster CUSHMAN, b. 3/7/01, d. 1984, m. Guy Albin (var. Abner) Thelin 6/24/31, son Mark CUSHMAN Thelin, b. 8/29/33, son Robert Benjamin Thelin, b. 1/?/35. Brother Stewart Little CUSHMAN, b. 4/6/08, m. Lucy Wilcox, 1944, daughter Lucy Ann CUSHMAN Peck, b. 1946? Winchester?, MA, m. Donald Peck, issue BRADFORD and Stewart Peck.

5. Robert CUSHMAN, b. Pawtucket, RI, 7/9/1864, d. ? m. Elizabeth Little 9/21/1897, b. 7/30/1870 in Northbridge, MA. Robert was with Adam Surcliffe Co., printers, 1886-94; supt. Atwood Crawford Co., 1894-1909, treas. and gen. mgr. 1909-?

6. Robert CUSHMAN, b. Attleboro, MA? 1821, d. 1891, Pawtucket, RI, mfg. of spools for Samuel Slater's cotton mill in Pawtucket, first mill in US, m. 1847 to Louisa BRADFORD, issue Ellen (1852-93) m. Richard Anthony Gage; Louisa (1861); Josephine (1859-63); and Robert (5, above).

>From here the Cushman (a) and Bradford (b) lines diverge as follows:

7a. Samuel CUSHMAN 1786-1864 of Attleboro, MA.; capt. 4th regt., 2nd brig., 3rd div. Mass. Militia, War of 1812; m. 1818 to Sophia George (1791-1864).

8a. Samuel CUSHMAN (1744-1821) of Attleboro, MA; m. 1771 to Rebekah Richards (1748-95).

9a. Jacob CUSHMAN (1720-96) of Attleboro, MA; 1st m. 1743 to Elizabeth Read (1721-62), 2nd?

10a. Samuel CUSHMAN (1687-1766) of Attleboro, MA; m. 1709 to Fear Corser (1685-1767).

11a. Thomas CUSHMAN (1637-1726) of Plympton, MA; 2nd m. 1679 to Abigail Fuller (1651-1734), daughter of Robert.

12a. Thomas CUSHMAN (1608-1691), came to New Englan in the "Fortune" with his father in 1621; purchased "Prence Farm," Jones River, 1645; ruling elder of the church at Plymouth, 1649-91; m. ca. 1635 or 1636 to Mary Allerton (1616-99), daughter of Isaac, Mayflower Pilgrim.

13a. Robert CUSHMAN (1578-1625), a leader and financial agent at Leyden of the Mayflower Pilgrims, was a passenger in the "Speedwell," which was compelled to return to England, but came in the "Fortune," 1621, but returned to England one month later; m. 1606 at Leyden to Sarah Rider; m. 2nd, at Leyden to Mary Singleton, who came to Plymouth with her family after 1625.

7b. Beulah BRADFORD (1790-1868), m. 1807 to Ebenezer Draper (1784-1852).

8b. Joel BRADFORD (1754-1836), private in artillery and quartermaster in the Navy during the American Revolution; m. Alsey Mosier (d. 1836).

9b. Joseph BRADFORD (d. 1797), of Providence, RI; m. Beulah Morse, (d. 1779).

10b. Perez BRADFORD (1694-1746), of Attleboro, MA.; grad. Harvard, 1713; mem. of Governor's Council; m. 1720 to Abigail Belcher (1695-1746).

11b. Capt. Samuel BRADFORD (1668-1714), of Duxbury, MA; m. 1689 to Hannah Rogers (1668-1733).

12b. William BRADFORD (1624-1704), deputy governor of Plymouth Colony, later major; m. 1651 to Alice Richard (1627-71).

13b. William BRADFORD (bap. 1590-1657), Mayflower Pilgrim and 2nd signer of the Mayflower Compact; gov. of colony for 31 years; 1st m. at Leyden, Holland, 1613, to Dorothy May (1597-1620), daughter of John May; 2nd m. at Plymouth, MA, 1623, to Alice (Carpenter) Southworth (1590-1670), widow of Edward Southworth.
of John May; 2nd m. =
at Plymouth, MA, 1623, to Alice (Carpenter) Southworth (1590-1670), =
widow of Edward Southworth.

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