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From: "Karel Kysilka" <>
Subject: Re: [CZ] Cejkove, Bohemia
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 20:27:28 +0100

This Cejkovy is located in today´s district Klatovy. Former district Susice.
About 40 miles west of Pisek.
Several dozens of Tureks are still living in the region, even two families
direct in Cejkovy in houses No. 12 and 52.

Farmstead No. 19 in Cejkovy still holds the name : "At the Tureks´ ", first
Turek is recorded there in 1770 - Frantisek Turek. The landlords took him
away the farms, since he did not farm properly. The following owner of the
farmstead was Franz Linhart, who married daughter Anna of Frantisek Turek.
What has happened to Franz Turek we do not know.

But a generation later, some Procop Turek bought a place ( burnt up totally)
in 1819 and built a new house there, This cottage was known as "pazderna",
or "u Pazdernu", since the flax was spinned there and "pazderi"is the waste
(scrap) that appears during the processing of flax. Procop died in 1842 and
the house, worth 120 guldens, was inherited by his son JAN TUREK.
Perhaps it is him, whose son Josef, born 1856, emigrated to the USA. The
house was passed over to another son, MARTIN TUREK, in 1885. His wife was
Josefa nee Linhart of Cejkovy No. 60. They passed over the house in 1921 to
their son JAKUB TUREK and his spouse Marie nee Satra of Zbynice. Today´s
owner is VACLAV TUREK and he must be descendent of the them.

Best rgds Karel
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Datum: 24. února 2001 17:29
Pøedmìt: Re: [CZ] Cejkove, Bohemia

>Dear Karel...
>Thank you so much for the information on Cejkov.
>I am not sure it is the correct village for this family.......perhaps.
>The person I am doing the research for has these ancestors in Cejkov:
> Josef Turek b. 1856 Cejkove, Pisek
> his father was Jan Turek....I don't know his mother's name.
> Josef married here in Chicago to Anna Cikanek b. 1859 from Nova
> Tabor
> Vaclav Turek (Josef's brother) b. abt 1867 married here to Barbora
> Katherina Turek (Josef's sister) b. abt 1867/1868 in Cejkovice
> married here in 1888 to Matej Melka
>I got the information about the villages from the Denni Hlasatel newspaper
>obituaries. Katherina's actually read Cejkovicich. Joseph's reads
>kraj Pisek.
>Another from these same lines with the name Kostohryz is from Volesne, kraj
>Pisek. I am also having trouble locating this village on my map. I have
>very detailed map of Pisek area, since I visited there...many of my
>came from around Tresne, Horni Zahori area. I cannot locate
>I am just missing it.
>Can you check to see if the name Turek or possibly Silhavy are located in
>history of Cejkove...? Thank you!
>Dolly (Dolores Benes Duy)
>P.S. I am working for the Turek family who has the following names (some
>which I have located the towns):
> Turek Cejkove, Cejkovice? Pisek area
> Melka ?
> Moravec Radimovic, Tabor
> Hejna ??? (Radimovic?) or Cankova or Cenkove Tabor area?
> Silhavy Bodegoric????? sounds strange to me...could be Budejovice?
> Chvatal Podruchli, okres Belcice
> Cikanek Nova Ves 6, Tabor
> Kostohryz in Volesne
> Zitnik ?
> Kus in Volesne
> Kostroun Tabor area

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