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From: Ron Mlejnek <>
Subject: Re: [CZ] Addressing an envelope to Czech Republic
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:43:04 -0500
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Ron Mlejnek

At 08:36 PM 04/22/2004, you wrote:
>Hi List,
> I hope someone can help me with this problem. On a website I found
>the address of possible relatives in the Czech Republic. My
>grandfather came from a small village and I found two people with that
>surname living in that village today. There is a chance they could be
>grandchildren of one of my grandfather's brothers. I would like to try
>writing a simple letter to them. I have their name and address which is
>"Hvozdec ##". Is that enough of an address? If I just write Czech
>Republic on the last line of the envelope, is that enough to get the
>letter to them?
> Also, I don't know Czech. If I write the letter in English, what do
>you think are my chances of having them find someone who can translate?
> Joanne
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