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From: "Susan Williams" <>
Subject: Re: [CZ] Fwd: Jacob Paliczka and Jacob Palecek of Ricany,Brno-venkov: one and the same?
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 20:02:19 -0400
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I have a suggestion that just might help you. I am reading the records too
and see various names spelled various ways ... and you wonder which is the
correct way. You may never know ... because I think the spelling was
decided by the Deacon or Priest who recorded the entry for baptism or
marriage or death.

For instance, I have see the name Vaclav spelled Vaslav or Vacslav or
Vasclav .... I guess it was spelled the way it sounded.

Anyway, here is my real suggestion. Go to the record you are looking at for
Brno. Then look for some records that have indexes ... it doesn't matter
whether the years pertain to what you are looking for .... but somewhere in
the Index you will find your surname ... see how it spelled .... and if
there are variations.
The indexes are shown in the Praha records as either a star(birth), a circle
(marriage) or a cross (death).

Good luck. Susan
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Subject: [CZ] Fwd: Jacob Paliczka and Jacob Palecek of Ricany,Brno-venkov:
one and the same?

> I'm sorry, I misspelled the surname "Paliczka" as "Paliska" in my original
> subject line. I have corrected it above.
> Thanks again and best regards to all.
> Rebecca Olenchak
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>> From: Rebecca Olenchak <>
>> Date: May 23, 2012 10:25:12 AM EDT
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>> Subject: Jacob Paliska and Jacob Palecek of Ricany, Brno-venkov: one and
>> the same?
>> Hello,
>> I am a newbie to the list and to my Czech ancestral research. Thanks to
>> the Brno archives online, I believe I have been able to identify my 6th
>> great grandparents as Jacob Palecek and his wife Dorothea of Ricany near
>> Ostrovavice in Brno-venkov, South Moravia. Their eldest child, my
>> ancestor Andreas, was born there on 29 Nov 1722, so I have been looking
>> in this register for a marriage entry for Jacob and Dorothea. I found
>> one dated 28 Jan 1721 in Ricany, but it is for a Jacob Paliczka (son of
>> Florian Paliczka) and his bride Dorothea it possible that
>> these are my ancestors? Is Paliczka a variant of Palecek? I can find no
>> other marriage record for my Jacob and Dorothea in the Ostrovavice/Ricany
>> records nor in any of the other neighboring parishes. However, it
>> bothers me that Jacob Palecek appears as a marriage witness in Ricany
>> (surnamed spelled "Paleczek") on 26 Oct 1721, just three entries down
>> from the Paliczka-Schneberg entry. It makes it seem less !
> likely to me somehow that Jacob Paliczka could be Jacob Paleczek, but
> perhaps the former was simply a clerical error in the register?
>> I'm very grateful for any help/feedback anyone may be able to give me
>> here! Also, please forgive the lack of accent marks on town names,
>> computer does not like to cooperate in this respect.
>> Kind regards,
>> Rebecca Olenchak
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