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Some sources ... places to start.

1 Philip CASE. Born on 12 Feb 1731/1732 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT.
Philip died in Candor, Tioga, NY on 18 Feb 1815, he was 84.

In 1758 when Philip was 26, he married Lydia SOVERIL.

2 Timothy CASE. Born in 1711 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. Timothy died in
Great Barrington, Hampshire, MA on 1 Apr 1754, he was 43.

Have seen his birth date as 16 Mar 1708.

On 25 Sep 1730 when Timothy was 19, he married Sarah HOLCOMBE, in
Simsbury, Hartford, CT.

3 Sarah HOLCOMBE. Born on 12 Jul 1713 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. Sarah
died in Berkshire County, MA on 20 Jun 1780, she was 66.

4 Captain Richard CASE. Born on 27 Aug 1669 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.
Richard died in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 27 Apr 1746, he was 76.

On 1 Sep 1701 when Richard was 32, he married Amy READE, in Simsbury,
Hartford, CT.

5 Amy READE. Born on 3 Mar 1678/1679 in Concord, Middlesex, MA. Amy died
in 1746, she was 67.

6 Nathaniel HOLCOMBE. Born on 11 Jun 1673 in Springfield, Hampshire, MA.
Nathaniel died in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 29 Sep 1766, he was 93.

On 1 Nov 1695 when Nathaniel was 22, he married Martha BUELL, in
Simsbury, Hartford, CT.1

7 Martha BUELL. Born on 27 Dec 1675 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.1 Martha
died in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 6 Sep 1760, she was 84.1

8 John CASE. Born in 1620 in Aylesham, England. John died in Simsbury,
Hartford, CT on 21 Feb 1703/1704, he was 83.2,3 Buried on 23 Feb 1704 in
Simsbury, Hartford, CT.

4 p. 260: John Case was of Windsor, afterward of Simsbury.

3John resided in Windsor until 1669 when he removed to Simsbury and
settled in the area known as "Weatogue." He was appointed constable for
Massaco by the General Court on 14 Oct 1669. He represented his town at
the General COurt in 1670 and several times afterwards. John's will
dated 21 Nov 1700 named his wife, Elizabeth, six sons and four
daughters. Samuel Spencer of Hartford and John Case, his son, were

Notes from Debi Elliott: "As for the source of John's parents, I only
have one. When in Hartford, I found a family history called "William
Case of England and Some of His Descendants in the New World, 1635 -
1984", Compiled by Clayton C. Case, Mankato, Minnesota, 1984. In it is
the following:"
1. William CASE (1590-1635), England, children William Soloman, William,
Thomas, Richard, John
2. John CASE (1619-1703), England, Mass, CT (William1), children
Elizabeth, Mary, John, William, Samuel, Richard, Joseph, Bartholomew,
Sarah, Abigail

Note: The following is referenced at the end, but in looking at the
ships list of the Dorset, there is no such listing stating this level of
detail, The only John is John Casse. "William Case was born about 1590
in the town of Aylesham, England. There is no documented information
about his life in England or his profession. Also, there is no
available information about his wife, where he lived or what motivated
is decision to emigrate with his five sons to the New World. However,
but for that decision, the Case family line in the United States as
documented herein would never have existed. There is a sailing list for
the ship "Dorset" showing that William Case and his five sons sailed
from the port of Gravesend, England, for the New World on September 3,
1635. The sailing list shows the sons as: William Solomon Case, age 24,
Thomas Terril Case, age 18, John Trustin Case, age 16, and William Case,
age 19. There also appears to have been a son, Richard, age not shown.
William Case is reported to have died at sea on the voyage but the cause
of death is not documented. At that time he was about 45 years of age.
William Case's sons landed at Ipswich, Massachusetts, which is north of
Gloucester. At least 15 ships were reported to have sailed that route
from England in 1635." Source: (incomplete) Ralph Case Brunton and Mary

There are researchers who have stated that Richard and Elizabeth
(Loomis) Case are John's parents. Richard died in 1693.

Have seen his name as John Trustin Case.

On 17 Aug 1656 when John was 36, he married Sarah SPENCER, in Windsor,
Hartford, CT.4,5

9 Sarah SPENCER. Born on 11 Apr 1636 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. Sarah
died in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 3 Nov 1691, she was 55.3 Buried on 5
Nov 1691 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT.

10 Philip READE. Born in 1623 in England. Philip died in Concord,
Middlesex, MA on 10 May 1699, he was 76.

In 1669 when Philip was 46, he married Abigail RICE, in Concord,
Middlesex, MA.

11 Abigail RICE. Abigail died on 16 Apr 1709 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.

12 Nathaniel HOLCOMBE. Born on 4 Nov 1648 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.
Nathaniel died in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 5 Mar 1740/1741, he was 91.

14 Peter BUELL. Born on 19 Aug 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. Peter died
in Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 8 Jan 1729, he was 84.

On 31 Mar 1670 when Peter was 25, he married Martha COGGAN, in Simsbury,
Hartford, CT.

15 Martha COGGAN. Born in 1648 in Taunton, Plymouth, MA. Martha died in
Simsbury, Hartford, CT on 22 May 1686, she was 38.

18 William SPENCER. Born on 11 Oct 1601 in Stotfold, Bedfordshire,
England. Christened on 11 Oct 1601 in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England.
William died in Hartford, Hartford, CT in 1640, he was 38. Buried in

In 1639 William Spencer joined the Hooker settlement at Hartford. He is
listed on the monument in the Ancient Burying Ground in Hartford as one
of the founders of the Connecticut Colony. There he was elected a
selectman, became a Deputy to the first session of the General Court in
1639, and was appointed on a committee of that body, to make the first
code of laws for the Colony. No doubt his untimely death in 1640 ended a
brilliant career.

According to some references, William Spencer was a graduate of Trinity
College, Cambridge, England coming to New England with friends of John
Winthrop in 1631; they settled in Cambridge. In 1633 he may have then
returned to bring his wife and came with her in the ship "Mary and John"
(according to page 203 Wm. R. Cutter's Genealogy and History of
Connecticut (Vol. 3)). Passenger lists searched do not seem to agree on
the arrival of the four Spencer brothers. One John and an William
Spencer are listed by Banks as passengers on the "Mary and John" which
sailed from Southampton 24 Mar 1633/34 but no wives are listed for them
(page 111) and the other three brothers, Garrett, Michael and Thomas are
not included here.

The list of passengers arriving 1630 on the "Mary and John" which
numbered 160 does not include any Spencers. John Farmer's "Genealogical
Register of First Settlers of N.E." (with additions by Samuel Drake) pp.
270-271 lists the following four believed to be the four Spencer
brothers: 1) Garrett Spencer 1634 in Cambridge; 1637 in Lynn, Mass. 2)
Michael Spencer 1634 in Cambridge; 1637 in Lynn, Mass. 3) William
Spencer 1632 in Cambridge; freeman 1633; representative 1635; one of the
founders of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. of Boston. 4) Thomas
Spencer 1632 in Cambridge; brother of John; freeman 1634. The history by
Cutter lists several important positions held by William Spencer,
including: - In 1634 he was on the committee to confer with the governor
and assistants in regard to the care of the common stock, which led to
the formation of the house of representatives. He was the first
representative chosen, and held the office until he left the colony. -
In 1639 he went with his family to Hartford where his brother, Thomas
had settled. - In 1639/40 he was representative in the general assembly
in Hartford and while there he prepared the first revised laws of the
colony. - 4 May 1640 William made his Will and died at Hartford 1640.
The "Alderman History" reveals the Will of William Spencer devided his
estate into thirds: to his son, Samuel one-third; to his widow, Agnes,
one-third; and to his two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, one-third.
Following from "Catalogue of First Puritan Settlers of Conn." by R. R.
Hinman: Spencer, William, Hartford, deputy in August and September, 1639
-- committee to inspect arms once in three months, and provide powder
for Hartford in '39. He was appointed with Mr. George Wyllys and Mr.
Welles to revise the laws of the colony in '39 -- selectman in '39 -- an
original proprietor of Hartford -- ancestor of Hon. Joshua Spencer, of
Utica, N.Y. Spencer, William, of Hartford -- died in 1640. He left a
wife and 3 children, viz. Sarah, Elizabeth and Samuel. He was a kinsman
of Matthew Allyn, a brother in law of John Pratt and John Talcott.
William Spencer was the ancestor of the Hon. Judge Spencer and Hon. John
C. Spencer, of the State of New York. He was one of the first Puritan
settlers of Hartford.

6John Hall sold his home-lot to William Spencer, which was on the brow
of the hill about where the Catlin place is now (1886).

7William Spencer, Cambridge, 1831, brother of Thomas; freeman, Mass.,
March 4, 1632/3; deputy for Newtown, May, 1632; May, 1634; March,
1534/5; March 163/6; Sept., 1636; May, 1637; Sept., 1637; March, 1637/8;
chosen Lieut. for Newtown, March 163/7; one of the founders of the
Ancient andhonorable Artillery Co., and had other evidences of the
public favor bestowed upon him. Remoed to Hartford, 1639, where his
home-lot was about where the Union depot now stands. He was deputy in
August and September, 1639 and appointed Wylls and Webster to revise the
laws of the colony; townsman, 1640; d. in 1640, leaving a widow, Agnes,
whom he m. about 1633, who became afterward the wife of William Edwards;
inv. #291.12.2. He appoints "my cosin Matthew Allyn, my brother John
Pratt," and John Talcott to be overseers of this estate. Will dated
March 4, 1640, presented May 4, 1640. Ch.: i. Elizabeth, m. (1) William
Wellman, of Gloucester, New London, and Killingworth. (2) May 23, 1672,
Jacob Joy, of Killingworth. ii. Sarah, b. 1636; m. about 1657, John
Case, of Windsor, afterward of Simsbury; d. Nov. 3, 1691. iii. Samuel,
b. about 1639; m. Sarah, prob. dau. of John Meakins.(John M. names dau.
Sarah Spencer in his will, Nov. 22, 1702.) He d. about 1716, in

In 1633 when William was 31, he married Agnes HARRIS.

19 Agnes HARRIS.

might be Agnes Tucker Heane?
The genealogist for the New England Historic and Genealogical Society,
Gary Boyd Roberts in his master work, ""The Royal Descents of 500
Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States" has her as
Agnes Harris, descendant of Hugh Capet, King of France. (page 445) She
married William Spencer first, William Edwards second. Her parents were
Bartholomew Harris and Elizabeth Collamore.

36 Gerard SPENCER. Born on 20 May 1576 in Edworth, Bedfordshire,
England. Christened on 20 May 1576 in Stotford, Bedfordshire, England.
Gerard died in Haddam, Middlesex, CT on 17 Mar 1645, he was 68.

Research: George Farris notes that the source for this record is

On 10 Nov 1600 when Gerard was 24, he married Alice WHITBREAD, in Upper
Gravenhurst, Bedford, England.

37 Alice WHITBREAD. Born in 1578 in Ion, Upper Gravenhurst, Bedford,
England. Alice died in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England.

38 Bartholomew HARRIS.

Bartholomew married Elizabeth COLLAMORE.

39 Elizabeth COLLAMORE.

72 Michael S. SPENCER. Born in 1531 in Edworth, Bedfordshire, England.
Michael S. died in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England on 18 Nov 1599, he
was 68.

In 1563 when Michael S. was 32, he married Agnes LIMER, in Edworth,
Bedford, England.

73 Agnes LIMER.

74 John WHITBREAD. Born in 1548. John died on 28 Nov 1598, he was 50.
Buried on 28 Nov 1598.

Probate: 18 April 1629

John married Eleanor.

75 Eleanor. Buried on 20 Nov 1628 in Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire,

1. The American Genealogist, 57:3, April, 1981.
2. Simsbury CT Vital Records.
3. Duncan, Ruth Cost, John Case and His Descendants, 1991, p. 1.
4. Osgood, Edward L., The Memorial History of Hartford County
Connecticut 1633-1884, J. Hammond Trumbull LL.D., Boston, MA, 1886.
5. Torrey, Clarence Almon, New England Marriages Prior to 1700,
Genealogical Publications, Baltimore, 1985.
6. Osgood, Edward L., The Memorial History of Hartford County
Connecticut 1633-1884, J. Hammond Trumbull LL.D., Boston, MA, 1886, p.
7. Osgood, Edward L., The Memorial History of Hartford County
Connecticut 1633-1884, J. Hammond Trumbull LL.D., Boston, MA, 1886, p.
259 - 260.

Donald G. Weymouth
119 Winthrop Lane, Holden, MA 01520

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Would like to hear from anyone having documentation that Philip Case, b.
12, 1731/32, at Simsbury, CT, d. February 15, 1814/15, at Candor, Tioga
County, NY, was the one and same Philip Case who 1). was the son of
Case and Sarah Holcomb; 2). married Lydia Saverhill/Soveril and/or Lydia

Holcomb; 3). served in the Revolutionary War from MA in Capt. Sylvanus
Willcox's Co., Col. John Ashley's Berkshire Co., Reg't; 4). moved to
NY, then to Candor, NY, where he died; 5) was the father of Abraham,
Aaron, Samuel, Timothy, Lydia, Rachael, Sarah, Justinia and Samantha
(will on
file in Tioga Co., NY, for a Philip Case, names his children, but not
wife). There are many Internet postings alleging all of the above, but
I can
find no one who can cite printed historical works, to link him to both
Simsbury, CT, and Candor, NY, and to his service in the Revolution.

Jim Carn

164 West Hills Drive
Williamsport, PA 17701

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