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Subject: [CASE-FAMILY] Simsbury, CT
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 22:51:14 EDT

I have two questions and today's post about Simsbury, CT Case families,
makes me think this might be the place to ask. I am related to the Simsbury Cases
in more ways than I can count on the various branches of my tree. My
question: I show, Ruth Case b. 1778 married to Asaph Tuller b. 1774 had daughter
Amelia Tuller b. 1809 who married Thomas A. Vining b. 1800. Many records show
Amelia as Thomas' 2nd wife and say his children were born to his first wife
Jerusha Keyes. Census records seem to prove differently, and say my gt gt
grandfather Horace Case Vining, son of Thomas, was b. 1828 which should make him
the son of Amelia, which family tradition states also. I am trying to confirm
Horace's mother is Amelia Tuller. Another real mystery I have put many hours
into, is confirming Thomas Vining's mother. If anyone has anything on a
Weltha Weston b. 1779. Who supposedly married Thomas Vining (Sr.) b. 1778. I
would be ever so grateful. (If I have messed up this post, please forgive me, it
is my first time posting.) ..Phyllis Beach

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