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From: Marty Lostheart <>
Subject: Re: [Cherokee Genealogy only] FWD: Capt. John Benge's Route of the Trail of Tears
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 04:08:16 -0700
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Dear Don,
I got this letter today and wondered if you might look up a name for me. The
name is John Jackson Edwards, aka J.J. "Lucky Jack" Edwards. I have been told
he is full blood Cherokee but can't locate anything on him. He died in 1895 and
was buried near Caddo, Oklahoma. Any help you can give me when you get time
would be more than appreciated.
Na hachik ibanowchi hanta!


> Picked this up off another list. Interesting stuff ~ Don has more info, and
> will do limited lookups on the men who helped with the removal. Please don't
> bombard him - ask him first if he has time to do a lookup.
> ~gina~
> Subj: Trail of Tears
> Date: 07/21/2001 7:59:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time
> From: (Don Ott)
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> To:
> Just a few more facts on Captain John Benge's Route of the Trail of Tears
> through Marion County Arkansas.
> Started from Fort Payne Alabama, 28 Sep 1838, arrived Tahlequah, Oklahoma
> 11 Jan 1839, on the road 106 days.
> The U.S. Government paid $65.88 per capita for the removal costs. (They
> added the cost of three pounds of soap for every 100 rations at a cost of
> 15 cents per pound,) Total cost per person $66.24.
> The U. S. Government furnished 60 Wagons and teams to Capt. Benge and 480
> riding horses.
> Captain Page, U.S. Army was in charge of doing the head count at Fort
> Payne, Alabama, he counted 1079.
> Captain Stephenson, U.S. Army was in charge of doing the head count when
> they arrived in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, he counted 1132.
> Captain Benge reported three births on the route and thirty three deaths,
> no desertions or accessions.
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