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From: "Roger Long" <>
Subject: Fw: Mahala LONG 1893 letter
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 16:02:25 -0800

Subject: Mahala LONG 1893 letter
Oops, reposting this as I sent it to CherokeeGene-Request site, not sure what happeneds to it there?RTL

Hi All,
This is the copy of the 1893 document from my gg-grandmother. I typed Martha (Atchley) Long in the last post...I should have typed MAHALA (Atchley) Long. (Martha (Blackburn) LONG was given name of my g-grandmother) Also it really is a sworn disposition and not a letter. Many thanks to Steve Bolin for sharing it. Family history is that Mahala was also gathered up for the removal, but her husband Maples P. Long was sheriff in TN. He went to the Fort and got her out. I also have a nice 5 generation photo also taken in 1893 of Mahala and her 4 generation first borns. Mahala and Maples had 15 children, but only the 8 mentioned in the document were alive in 1893.
Roger Long

(From Steve Bolin, Abilene TX)
This is a manuscript of a copy of an original document in the possession of my grandmother. Could not put in original form or spelling for manuscript. I do have a copy of the original paper. The original paper is in a frame to keep it falling apart. I only made one copy. I was afraid of destroying the original.


State Of Arkansas, )


County of Boone. )

Mahala Long, of lawful age, after being duly sworn, upon her oath says: That she is now eighty (80) years old, and a resident citizen of Boone County, in the state of Arkansas. Post office address Harrison.

I was raised in the state of Tennessee, and acquainted with a great many of the Cherokee Indians and have often met the chief, Mr. Ross and heard the Rev. Mr. Busheyhead preach. I was well acquainted with the Daugherty's and Chambers' families, and know they were Cherokee Indians, and my grandmother, Elizabeth Daugherty was a quarter-blood Cherokee Indian, and daughter of John Daugherty, who lived on Salequoyah Creek, in the state of Georgia. I was present at the time the Indians were forted at Charlestown on Highwasa and know that the Daugherty's and Chambers families left with the Cherokee Indians at the time of their removal west and I visited them because my kinsfolk were with them and were enrolled for the west. I lived in seven miles of the chief, Ross, and was well acquainted with him. My mother's maiden name was Martha Chambers and her father's name was James Chambers, and he was a brother of Maxwell Chambers who lived on Candy's creek in Hamilton County, Tennessee a!
nd who left there with the Indians for the present Cherokee Nation. I know that he was a Cherokee Indian and was enrolled in 1833 for the west. I know that my children named below born to me in lawful wedlock are the lineal descendants of John Daugherty, above-named, and blood relation of Maxwell Chambers, above-named. My Children's names and Post-office address are as follows:- Robert H. Long, of Billings, Mo. ; L. D. Long, of Arkansas City, Kans.; N.B. Long, of Sac &Fox agency, O.K and TX.; Marion Long, of Harrison, Boone Co., Ark.; Maples Long, of Gaither. Boone Co. Ark.; Cynthia Frazier of Billings, P.O. Mo.; Rhoda Atchley, of Harrison, Boone Co. Ark.;

Mahala Dacus, of Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas.

(page 2)

I know the above-named persons are Cherokee Indians, and that they derived their Indian blood from the Daugherty's and Chambers families. I know that John Chambers was my own uncle and run of{f} from North Carolina up into Tennessee, into Hamilton and Bradley counties, into the Smokey Mountains, to hide to keep the government from moving him west the said year1835, and that he came west afterwards. I know that he was a Cherokee Indian and was my mother's brother. I went and stayed all night with him the night before he left next day, and bid him good-bye. He left for the Cherokee Nation. I met the Rev. Mr. Bushyhead in McMinn County, Tennessee, in the association Chestna Salem Church house and hear him preach. I belong to the Baptist church and he was Baptist preacher. I went to hear him preach because he and I were of the same faith and personally acquainted. This was in the year A.D. 1834.


Mahala X Long


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