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From: "Mike Wren" <>
Subject: Quadroon Explanation & Isaac Tucker
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:44:39 -0500
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I think the terms Mullato, Quadroon, Octaroon, Mestizo, Mustee, etc. all
came out of the Colonial French & Spanish culture to show blood degree. For
some reason, I can't remember where I read it, that anyone with less than
1/16 of African blood could not be enslaved. Not sure where I read that or
if that is correct.

The name mentioned below, Isaac Tucker, does have an interesting story. The
following is from the Record Book of the Cherokee Supreme Court in 1833.
All the spelling is as it is in the original.

[Page 92]
Cherokee Nation}
North Carolina }
This will certify that we the under sind Cherokees were Residents of the
Nation at the time that a white man and an Indian Trader who had a Cherokee
woman for his wife but who by his usage of her in Beating and other wise mis
treating of her when in a State of pregnancy died the clan or tribe to whom
she belonged determined to kill the said white man by name of Sam Dent who
to appease them and Satis fy said Tribe of clan went off to Augusta in
Georgia and did them purchase a Female slave by the name of molley and
brought Female unto the cherokee and did offer her to the clans
Rennumeration of the wrongs he had done, a Town council of Talk was then had
at chota old Town on Tennessee River and the Said Female was then and and
these Received by D Clan and by the authorities agreeable to the indian Law
and usage in the place of the murdered wife of the said Sam Dent and has be
her self and descendants been one since. Recognized by Said nation or clan
as a cherokee the said moley and her descendants now whoes
[Page 93]
the only descendants of said molley had been and are claimed to be the
property of one Molley Hightower who has come into the Said nation and set
up claim by Bill of Sale for Said Tom Dend to Hightowers Father who was also
an Indian Trader and who ser___ many year near the Decendants of Said and
Tom advo___ set up any claim to the said descendants that the present
Petitioner Chunestuta alias Isaac Tucker and his mother Chickwas wor ume off
in these by force mentioned natives as we have ever be considered . The
court and authorities of the Cherokee Nation as also we the subscribers
members of the same clan ask and require of our council and hem me for
assistance and for coucil to resist this oppressive and illegal wrong
attempted to be preacised on our Brother and sister by the Hightower in
Moving(?) into slavery Two of whom have ever been and considered native
cherokees we feel that the attempt is one of Cruel greavance to us and ask
of you Honable bodies Redress in the Protection and defense of the Two a
bove mentioned mem bers of our clan and your petitioner will ever prosper(?)
The Doctor
Cha nes te ta alias Isaac Tucker his X mark
Chickaw ne molly her X mark
Charles Buffington
The old thigh his X mark
Bucks Horn his X mark
Chicked indian man
[Page 94]
This day appeared before me Daniel McCoy one of the Judges of the supreme
court of the Cherokee Nation the Big Half Breed Jno Watts the tiger and
the white Path who being duly Sworn and Saith that to the best of their
knowledge and be lief that the mother of Edward & Isaac Tucker molley was
Surrendered and delivered up when a girl Some time previous to the
revotutconary war by a white man named Saml Bend to the authorities of the
Cherokee nation for certain important consideration & that said Molly was
then emancipated & adopted into the Clan Composing the Deer family agreeably
to the then existing custom & usage of said nation, & since that time she
has continued in the Anton & enjoyed the liberty of freedom & that her two
sons Edward & Isaac Tucker were born at the beloved Town called Echota on
the Tennessee River & has ever been free & resided in this Nation
Sworn to & subscribed to before me at Red Clay this 18th Octr 1833
Danl McCoy, J S Court

Big Half Breed his X mark
Jno Watts his X mark
Tiger his X mark

[Page 95]
I certify that the above to be a correct copy of the original handed to the
said Isaac Tucker
Charles Vann
Clerk Supreme Court
18th Oct 1833

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Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:45 PM
Subject: RE: [CherokeeGeneCommunity] Quadroon Explanation

> .........all are listed as Quadroons. I looked it up and the dictionary
> says they were 1/4 black.........can anyone explain any of these?
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> The dictionary is probably referencing the meaning of *Quadroons* as it
> was applied in the *deep* south. On the 1835 Cherokee Census it probably
> meant a Cherokee mixed with anything but African, Spaniard, or Catawba
> blood.
> Those Africans possessing Cherokee blood are listed, per my
> interpretation, as Mixed Negroes.
> For example: on page 28, #442, Isaac TUCKER is listed as head of a
> family of 9 total Cherokees. The break down is as follows:
> 3= Full Blood
> 6=Mixed Negroes
> There are 82 individuals so identified on the 1835 Cherokee Census. Only
> the Cherokees have a blood quantum listed. I'm sure that a number of
> the enumerated 1,592 African slaves possessed Cherokee or other Indian
> blood, but we'll never know how many.
> Hope this helps.
> Preston
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