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From: Marilyn Coleman <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 19:52:23 -0600

What a great list this is! Many thanks to all of you for sharing your
important and interesting information. We are still pretty new and not
making a lot of progress, so thought I'd repost the gg grandparents
(mostly from Ireland) we are searching for ... they ended up in Melrose
(Iowa's Little Ireland - south central part of state). Since I have
learned about "Irish travelling in herds" from so many of you, thought
someone might have a connection. These people I think came through
Ohio, Illinois and Missouri ... and Joseph Coleman supposedly landed
from Co. Tipp in the US as a young teen with a brother near his age from
whom he was separated and never saw or heard from again. We have a lot
of good information from then on -- they arrived in Iowa around 1870
and boy are there a lot of Irish Catholics in and around Melrose
(Weller, Georgetown, Lovilia, Russell, Albia is the county seat of
Monroe County) where there was a lot of mining/farming and the land was
"like home" -- green rolling hills. I told my husband he is so lucky
his ancestors are all from there and it was a close knit community so if
you find info about anyone it probably relates to others!
Joseph Coleman may have worked with the horses in the Army (Union) as we
heard he was possibly someone who was good with horses -- any way to
check that, do you know? Good hunting & God Bless!

-Joseph Coleman (born 1828 Co. Tipperary) m. Bridget Fennell (1825
Co. Cork);
-Peter McGinn (1830 Co. Monaghan) m. Bridget Kelly (1830 Co. Kilkey);
-John O'Conner (1822 Co. Berry) m. Catherine Sullivan (b. Ireland?)
-James Smith (1832 Co. Cavan) m. Bridget Mahoney (1843 Co. Cork)
-Patrick O'Brien m. Ellen Devine (1825 Co. Berry)
-James Sinnott (1828 Co. Wexford) m. Catherine Richards (of France)
-John Crall (born Ohio) m. Ellen McCarty (1845 Co. Cork)
-William Heyland m. Mary Egan (born Ireland)
Any connections out there? Good Hunting & God Bless!

Steve & Marilyn Coleman
(West Des Moines, Iowa, USA)

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