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Subject: Re: [COTIPPERARY] Newspaper snippets
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 17:54:27 -0700 (PDT)
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A great big thank you to Mary for posting articles such as these. I find all of them to be extremely interesting and they give me a great deal of insight as to the way things were back in the late 1700's in Ireland. My family, Godsell, is from County Tipperary, and though I've not found info on them, I have found info on other families who came to the U.S. from Ireland. I've known some of the people by their surnames and heard of them through my grandfather whose father came from Ireland. Thank you so much for all you do.

Patty Napier
Grove, OK, USA

Mary Heaphy <> wrote:
27-10-1787 From the Freeman's Journal.

Last Monday morning, between the hours of one and two o'clock, two women
were discovered in the house in Grove, having got in over the upper sash of
one of the parlour windows which was down, one of them effected her escape,
the other was apprehended, who is known in the neighbourhood of Fethard, by
the name of Mary Gibbs, the other who escaped, is known by the name of
Margaret Shea, supposed to be from Mullinahone, though her accomplice
alleges she is from County Corke. Several articles of plate were found in
the Haggard, concealed under some hay, where she had left her shoes. The
greater part of the plate appears to be the property of Sir Richard St.
George, Bart. The remaining articles are in the hands of the Mayor.



John Murphy of Fethard, in the County of Tipperary, distiller, flour miller
and dealer, to surrender on the 10th and 12th days of June next, and on the
8th July next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, on each of the said days, at
the Tholsel, Dublin.

8-9-1767 Clonmel Assizes.

Last Friday the assizes ended at Clonmel, when Michael, John and William
Godfrey, received sentence of death for the murder of Timothy Lowney, near
Knockardine, in the County of Tipperary, the two former to be executed at
Clonmel on the 18th October next, and the latter in the town of Tipperary on
the 19th October.

Thomas Hardy for manslaughter, to be burned on the hand.

William Brien, for robbing the house of Honor Coghlan, of 35/., was found
guilty of felony, and ordered to be whipt from the gaol to the West Gate in
Clonmel, on the 11th of Sept.

George Kane, for stealing a Riding Coat from James Rawley, of Killenaule, to
be whipped from the Gaol to the Court House on the 8th of Sept. inst.

Roger Sheehey, for an assault committed on a soldier in the year 1764, at
the prosecution of John Tuohy, was acquitted, as were 22 Journeymen Weavers
of Corke, charged with an unlawful combination for working under price, they
were turned out of the dock without fees, but fix more, charged with burning
and destroying some Dublin goods, the property of several shopkeepers of
Corke, on the 21st May last, were then transmitted to Corke, to take their
trials for said offence.


State of the County of Tipperary.

Clonmel May 28th.

We learn from our Nenagh correspondent that at the special sessions in
Nenagh, on Wed. last, 57 prisoners were arraigned for alleged offences under
the Insurrection Act, two of whom were convicted, and sentenced to
transportation, for criminal absence from their dwellings--Their names are
Michael Ryan and Pat Crehane, from Owney and Arra Barony, and are
represented as being very bad characters.

>From our correspondent in Killenaule--On the night of the 13th inst the
dwelling house of a man named Aylward of Magowvey, in the barony of
Middlethird, was attacked by an armed party of men, who fired several shots
into it, and cautioned the owner not to give more than 1/., an acre for the
farm which he had lately taken from Mr. Latham, or to abide the consequence
of neglecting this injunction of Captain Rock.

On Friday night last, an armed party of deluded wretches entered the house
of a man named Dunn, pf Shanakile, in the Barony of Middlethird, which they
plundered of a gun and a case of pistols-not satisfied with this, they beat
Dunn in a savage manner, as well as a steward of Mr. Avery Jordan, who
happened to be in the house at the time. They also fired several shots about
the house, and ordered the occupier to quit his residence immediately, or
the vengeance of Captain Rock would be directed against him.. The same party
then proceeded to the house of Edmond Sparrow, of said place, who is wood
ranger to Richard Pennefather, esq., from whom they took a gun, having
previously threatened to consume his house, which is thatched. Before they
left the place they fired several shots into the house and demolished the
windows. Next morning, Mr. John Wilcocks, Chief Constable, with a party of
police, accompanied by Mr. Avery Jordan, repaired to the scene of those
outrages to investigate the particulars. Much praise is due to Mr. Wilcocks
for his exertions, at all times, to preserve the peace of the Barony of


Clonmel Assizes.

Saturday the 22nd March, the assizes ended, at which the following persons
were tried;-

Bryan Murphy, for having on the 22nd November last, at Creg Road, near
Carrick, murdered his wife;-sentenced to be hanged on the 24th inst and his
body to be delivered to the surgeons of the county infirmary, to be
dissected and anatomized to the statute. He was accordingly executed at
Gallows Hill on Monday night.

George Birch, for the murder of Andrew Doherty, sentenced to be executed on
Wednesday last, but on application from the Grand Jury, in his favour, the
sentence was respited to the 28th May next.

John Troy, otherwise Trihy, found guilty for having on the 16th Jan, 1793
feloniously and burglariously broke into the dwelling house of James
Harrick, and stealing sundry articles. Sentenced to be hanged on the 5th
April next.

William Scully, found guilty for having on the 18th April 1793, feloniously
and burglariously broke into the house of Patrick Bourke, of Curraghmore,
and there stealing sundry articles, sentenced to be hanged on Wednesday, the
28th of May next.

John Wilson, found guilty for having on the 19th July 1791, feloniously
stolen a horse, the property of Benjamin and Hannah Parven, sentenced to be
hanged on the 28th May next.

Walter Hayes and John Bourke, indicted for having on the 2nd May 1793,
feloniously and burglariously broke into the dwelling house of Godfrey
Taylor, of Noan, Esq., and taking sundry articles, acquitted of the
burglary, found guilty of felony to the value of 4 shillings and 11 pence,
sentenced to be transported for seven years.

Roger, John and Honora Kennedy, indicted for the murder of John Rabbit, at
Kilmore, on the 19th March last, acquitted of the murder, but found guilty
of manslaughter. Roger Kennedy, 12 months prison, John and Honora, 6 months

Michael Bourk, otherwise Prince, indicted for the murder of James Madden, of
Tipperary, on the 10th July last, acquitted of the murder, but found guilty
of manslaughter, sentenced to prison for 6 months, and to give security to
keep the peace for 3 years.

Honora Bourk, indicted for a burglary and felony in the dwelling of John
Burk, at Nenagh, on the 18th November 1792, acquitted of the burglary, found
guilty of the felony to the value of 4 shillings, to be transported for
seven years.

Margaret Brien, indicted for feloniously stealing 49 yards of bandle cloth,
value 18/., the property of James Farrell, found guilty to the value of
6d.,sentenced to be privately whipped on Monday 24th.

John Purcell, found guilty of stealing one sheep, on the 18th of Dec. last,
the property of Matthew Byrne, recommended by the grand jury as an object of
mercy, to be transported for 7 years.

Bridget Ryan, indicted for stealing sundry articles, the property of Oliver
Langly, found guilty to the value of 10d., sentenced to be privately

The following persons were acquitted---

Richard and Thomas Phelan and Thomas Dwyer alias Soidier, charged with the
murder of John Neil, at Kilboy.

Michael Elligott, charged with the murder of Matthew Hennessy, at Kile.

Michael Gleeson and Michael Hall, charged with the murder of John rabbit, at

Pat Burke, Mathias Ryan, Michael Dwyer, and James Ryan, charged with the
murder of Thomas Ryan, some time ago, at Cappagh.

Mathew Reiley, charged with the murder of James Herrick, at Killenaule.

William Golosbury, charged with the murder of Cornelius Connel, at Crohane.

Thomas Dwyer, otherwise Soidier, charged with the murder of Thomas Dwyer of

Patrick Cormick, charged with the murder of Cornelius Feehily, at Castle

The Trials of the following persons, are put off, until the next assizes.

Patrick Hogan, the younger, John Moran, Catherine Corbett, William Moran,
and John Moran, indicted for the murder of James M'Kernan, at Donaskeigh, on
the 28th August last.

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