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Subject: [COTIPPERARY] From the Nenagh Guardian.
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>From the Nenagh Guardian.

29th May 1871.

Denis Costello of Mary Street, Templemore, summoned at the local Petty
Sessions for an assault on Richard Wheeler of the same street, told the
bench that he had only placed his hand quietly on Wheeler's jaw. However,
the Constabulary gave him a bad character and he was ordered to be
imprisoned for one month with hard labour.

The Clerk reported to the Roscrea Board of Guardians last week that a blind
man, Michael Murphy, of Clonakenny, on outdoor relief of 2/- a week, had not
been paid for six weeks. The Board considered that the explanation of the
Relieving Officer, William Patt was unsatisfactory, and he was given one
further week to produce evidence as to his administration of the relief in
the area.

Last week an elderly small farmer from the vicinity of Cloughjordan, named
Joseph Hoperoft who had a pension from the Constabulary, died suddenly.
Michael Meagher, Esq., Coroner, having learned the facts of the case from
Dr. Walsh, did not think it necessary to put the ratepayers to the expense
of an inquest. The deceased was about 70 years of age and leaves a large
family totally unprepared for.

Born at Cudville, Nenagh, to the wife of David Young, Esq., Provincial Bank,
a daughter.

At Newport Petty Sessions yesterday, before William Ryan and John Going, an
eggler from the town, who has been continually before the bench for various
offences, was sent to Nenagh gaol for six months, with hard labour, for
beating his wife.

At a meeting of Roscrea Board of Guardians last week, Biddy Treacy and Mary
Ingerton, two women with children, applied for clothes to enable them to
quit the Workhouse. Treacy's application was refused until it would appear
that she had some employment to go to. As Ingerton's husband was in the
House and was not willing to leave, and the Bench also considering that the
clothes she brought in with her were good enough to go out in, her
application was also refused.

Died at her residence, Mallow St. Limerick, Ellie, the beloved wife of the
late William Francis Hanly, MD, Thurles, and sister-in-law to James Hanly,
Esq., JP, Nenagh.

At his residence, East Molesey, Charles Osborne, Esq., of the Exchequer and
Audit Office, Somerset House, youngest son of the late Sir Henry Osborne,
Bart., of Beechwood, Nenagh.

29th May 1894.


Born on the 18th May, to the wife of Mr. Daniel Darcy, Grange, a daughter.


May 16th at Main Street, Roscrea, at the residence of her son, Margaret,
beloved wife of Mr. John O'Meara, Moanfadda, aged 70 years.

May 14th at Rullyrickard House, Co. Tipperary, Mr. Richard H. Hughes.

At the last Templemore Petty Sessions, Mr. Treacy, a publican, was charged
with a breach of the licensing act on Sunday, the 13th May. The evidence of
Constable Leary for the prosecution went to show that on the date mentioned
he saw some men near the defendant's premises, a man named Mahony same out
of the shop, witness went into the bar, and found bottles on the counter in
which there was a small quantity of porter. The man found on the premises
swore he only went in for tobacco. Mr. Ryan, Solicitor, Thurles, who
appeared for the defence, asked for dismiss, as the constable was unable to
prove that a sale took place. The Bench imposed a fine of 40/- and ordered
that a conviction be endorsed on the licence.

At the last Templemore Petty Sessions, a man named Morrissey was charged
with stealing a quantity of cement., the property of Mr. John Connolly, on
the 4th May. It appeared that Mr. Connolly had employed the defendant to
work on some repairs at the police barracks, and discharged him. The
defendant then went to the barracks, and brought off with him a bag of
cement, telling the police that he had permission to take it. He was
sentenced to 11 days in prison with hard labour.

31st May 1886.

Born on the 20th May, at Summerhill, Nenagh, to the wife of Peter V.
Kennedy, solicitor, of a daughter.

Died on the 21st May, at Corbally Parsonage, Roscrea, Emily Marvelle Fry,
wife of Rev. Henry Fry, Rector of Corbally.

On Monday morning between 7 and 8 o'clock Mr. William Fogarty of
Borrisoleigh was found dead in bed. There was no request as the Medical
gentleman of the family, Dr. Power, stated that Mr. Fogarty had been under
treatment with him for heart disease, and that this was the cause of his
death. Deceased was about 35 years of age.

At Roscrea Petty Sessions, a woman who was summoned for allowing her dog at
large, said, "it was so amicable it would not touch a butterfly."

This morning the Sheriff's representative seized 14 head of cattle on the
lands of Erineigh, property of Matthew Hogan for rent arrears and costs,
amounting to over £162, due to Mr. Samuel R. Cruise, of Lacka. Seven of them
were returned, on a deposition having been made that they were graziers. The
other seven will be put up for sale next week.

At the Town Commissioners Court, before J.V.Golen, Esq., Ellen Finn was
fined £2, or three months in prison with hard labour, at the suit of
Constable Ryan, for loitering and importuning. A similar fine was recorded
against Mary Finn at the suit of Constable Coughlan. Some time ago both
defendants got three months in prison each for the same offence, warrant not
to issue unless they were again found offending. They were transmitted by
train to Limerick gaol.

An inquest was held this afternoon by Michael Gleeson, Coroner, on the body
of Patrick Reardon, a peddler, who died yesterday of injuries he received on
the 5th May , by a fall from a car while on his way home from Killaloe.

3rd Nov. 1879.

On Saturday night, a man named Barry, from Ballykelabe, near Newport, while
on his way home from the fair of Nenagh, was assaulted in Stafford Street.
He had his skull fractured, but denies knowing who committed the outrage.

On the night of the September fair a man from the mountains was badly beaten
in then same place. He knew who his assailants were. They having made a cash
condonement, he declined to prosecute them, but promised his assailants
though he forgave them if he died, if he lived he would pay them off in the
current coin of Tipperary.

A Nenagh boy, hailing from William Street, named Michael Brien, having been
gazetted in the "Hue and Cry" as having contemplated a burglary by
attempting an entrance down the chimney of Mrs Catherine Fitzpatrick
(mistaking it for Mrs Mullins smoky outlet), where he stuck fast, one of the
Limerick police arrested a young man on suspicion last Saturday. One of the
Nenagh constabulary who was send for the purpose of identification, found
that is was not "Simon Pure" which was caught, but his brother Jimmy Brien.
It is said that Michael is now "bowld soldier boy" with a regiment down at
Newry. If identified he will soon serve under an officer of a different
regiment, namely, Captain Chippendale, Governor of her Majesty's Prison in

28th Nov. 1881.

On Tuesday an attempt was made to boycott Mr. James Guest, Fortnesbit,
Borrisokane, by depriving him of hands to work a steam threshing machine,
but it did not succeed as Mr. Guest eventually procured plenty of help.

At Thurles Petty Sessions on Saturday, a case was brought forward in which a
man named Pat Mara, who is in custody, stands charged with assaulting two
respectable men named John and James Ryan, on the evening of the last fair
in Thurles. The former of these two men sustained a fracture of the skull,
and is not able to attend, and the matter, upon the application of Mr. O'Connor,
SI, was postponed by the Magistrates.

At Glenwood, 59 head of cattle, the property of Mr. James Mason, were badly
beaten, one of whom died. His offence is said to have been that he paid his

The windows of the Widow McKey's house at Strogue were broken, a grave was
dug near her door, and her son who is rent Warner to the Earl of Oakney
(Orkney)?, was ordered to give up his situation.

On Thursday morning, between the hour of two and three o'clock, the house in
Barrack Street, Nenagh, belonging to Mr. John Cullen was broken into.

(That's the end of the Nenagh Guardian postings for the moment.)

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