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From: Pat Connors <>
Subject: [COTIPPERARY] Cromwell's scheme
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:12:30 -0800
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I just downloaded, 'Report on the Manuscripts of The Marquis of Ormond'
from the Google books section. In it there is listed over 900 names of
persons transported to Connaught and County Clare in the 1650s or so.

I am trying to digest this information in relation to my family and I
hope that maybe Janet or others with more historic background than I
have, can help me. I found my family in the Tipperary RC parish late
1700s onward. I find a Bryan Connor on the transported list, from
County Roscommon. While I don't know if this is my family, it is a name
that runs through the generations and is documented back to mid-1700s.
In fact, he is who I am looking for in the tithes.

Here are my questions. During Cromwell's transportation, I have read
that he also transported many from County Tipperary. Did any remain?
When they were allowed back to their homelands, did they come back to
where they were moved from or did the go to different counties. The
O'Connor septs originated in Kerry, Roscommon and Offaly mainly...

I am thinking that maybe my family is from the Roscommon group,
transported to Connaught and then they moved to County Tipperary. Does
this sound possible?

Pat Connors, Sacramento CA

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