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From: Janet Crawford <>
Subject: Re: [COTIPPERARY] The Stapletons of Drom
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2010 11:31:34 +0100
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Hi Arthur. No, I don't THINK they are the same, but always ready to
change my mind. Killoskane is Killoskehane and the variations of that
KILLOSKEHAN or Killoskaan or Killoskeane or Cell Ó Sceacháin or
Gillisehodian or Killoskeaghane or Cealloscathan or Ceallosenthan
als. Ballyoskehane or Killoskelhane or Kylloskehan or Kilolkahan

The sounds of each [Killoskehane and Killcoskane] are consistently
different and so I have, so far, kept them as different places. I will
now add the spelling Balliskehayne to the Killoskehane group. I still
have much more research to do on who Skehane was and who Coskane was,
and that might solve the problem...or might not.

Pete might be able to add something for this.

I love this deed, thank you, and will play with these placenames a
little later after breakfast. Any time you find one of these, please
do post it. There is never too much information to be had.

The "Kill's" are particularly difficult as they might come from
"Cell", a church, or "choill", a forest or woods. You have to tackle
the person's name, often mangled, attached to it, which can be the
land owner's, a saint's, or the two may be the same person. If it is a
saint's name, then you can pretty well decide it is a Cell place, a
church. If there is no evidence of a saint or a church ever being
there, you MIGHT be safe in deciding it is a woods. Of course, there
might also be the case of a wood owned by a saint whose church is also
nearby, which can cause your head to ache. I always reserve the right
to be wrong. It is always comforting to find evidence of a church and
its saint.


On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 6:40 AM, Arthur Carden <> wrote:
> Janet, I have been following your amazing knowldge of Tipperary placenames
> with delight over recent years. Congratulations!
> Do you think (see your message below) that Killkaskane might be Killoskane,
> the splendid Butler castle just north of Drom, adjoining my family home at
> Barnane?
> I will be most grateful if you will comment on the extract which follows
> from The Stapletons of Drom by Dr Rita C Ryan-Hackett, 1995  -
> In 1566 Queen Elizabeth issued a confirmation of the grant by King John in
> 1199 to Sir John de Stapleton, the Black Knight, of Buckinghamshire, which
> contained the following words:
> Know ye, therefore, that We, by this Deed, confirmed with our seal, have
> granted and confirmed to our said liege subject, John Stapleton, Knight, all
> the land of Font-forte or otherwise called Drom Mac Warren, aforesaid, with
> its appurtenances, by the name of the Manor of Fonte-forte, in the said
> County of Cashel, together with all the towns and lands that lately belonged
> to those Irish, so fleeing off, and afterwards to the said John Stapleton;
> that is to say, Dunbollogh, Balliskehayne, Rathod-arren, Castlehill, Le
> Bearnane, Monecradoke, Rathernane, Knocknecagh, Kenans, Graga, Downochill,
> Rathcarmine, Killchegayne, Kilbud, Killehous, Loghleass, Rorodestown,
> Lissinegihe, Killemleagh, Lissostry, Downerode, Fiemone, Honrickinsand,
> Killfiemone, Gallewilliam, Clonbrassell, and Clonfullean . . .; together
> with all the towns and lands of Corkahenny, Atheney, Clontybroke, Rathullen,
> Athind, Graige-friochane, Railstown, Graigard and Certiana . . .
> These placenames are all fascinating, many of them familiar, such as
> Corkahenny, an old name for Templemore.
> Regards, Arthur Carden of Horsham, England.
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> Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 9:17 PM
> Subject: Re: [COTIPPERARY] [IRL-TIP] 1641 Deposition of Archibold Cambell:
> many Butlers & other names
>> Killkaskane is also found as Killcoskan or Keillacosk. This was the
>> name of a measure of land in the parish of Inchiforguty in the Civil
>> Survey, now the parish of Drom & Inch. If there was ever an actual
>> village of this name it has yet to be identified.
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