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From: "Sinclair & Liz Perry" <>
Subject: Re: [CoTyroneIreland-L] Lowrys of Pomeroy and Perrys
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 22:13:16 +0200

Hi Joan
I picked up your references to Lowrys.
There is a reference by Robert Young in his "Belfast and Province in the 20
th. century", to the fact that Francis the eldest son of James Perry ,
married the daughter of John Lowry of Pomeroy in 1662. Then the criptic
statment that "from whom descend the Earls of Belmore".
Question ? Did the Earls of Belmore descend from John Lowry, or the union of
Francis Perry and John Lowry's daughter.
George Perry was a younger brother of Francis. I have found his grave stone,
built into a church in Beragh. He died in 1703. The lands of Seskinore which
he inherited from his father then passed to the McClintocks, by the marriage
of a daughter to Alexander McClintock in 1781.
Does anyone have anything to add to this? My interest in tracing PERRYS.

Sinclair Perry South Africa

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Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 8:50 AM
Subject: [CoTyroneIreland-L] Bus transportation in larger Dungannon Area

> I am planning a trip to Tyrone and want to make use of public
> transportation. Does anyone have an idea of bus lines to contact?
> Also, I would like to read about the Landowners in Pomeroy Civil Parish.
> Robert and James Lowry, collectively, owned well over 10,000 acres in the
> Pomeroy area, Upper Dungannon, in the 1860's.
> Does anyone know if there are any books on the Low[e]rys or if there are
> registers published which might give the names of tenants? My
> ancestor Arthur McGeough and his family lived as tenants in Cavanakeeran,
> Pomeroy. I would like to have more information about them and see if the
> name Armstrong is nearby (Arthur's wife).
> Thanks. Joan
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