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From: "Iris Waghorne" <>
Subject: Re: [CoTyrone] Fw: Errigle Kerogue.
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 15:57:02 +1300
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The Stewart Family namely George Vesey Stewart was responsible for the
settlement of Kati Kati in New Zealand. He organised through the Government
of NZ for the purchase of a block of land to be used as a special
settlement for people from his home area who paid for their own passage and
the privilege of owning some land which was balloted out to them on their
arrival here in Kati Kati New Zealand. Adela B Stewart wife of Lieutenant
Hugh Stewart R.A. wrote a book of her time in Kati Kati called "My Simple
Life in New Zealand" and Arthur J Gray (a descendant of one of the
families) wrote a book called "An Ulster Plantation". Kati Kati was
originally called "Waterford" The majority of the settlers of Kati Kati came
from Balleygawley including my Great Great Grandfather William James
Mulgrew, William's brother John and wife Eliza with their son William
Mulgrew just a baby, William's sister Eliza and their mother Margaret nee
Fox. I have a copy of the ships passenger list which was published in the
Auckland News Papers on the settlers arrival on the 9 September 1875. I
will willingly check (but which may have names spelt incorrectly as an
example Mulgrew's were listed as Mulgren!!) if you think some of your family
came here to Kati Kati on the ship called "Carrisbrook Castle " I can give
you the names of these people and possibly some of their descendants may be
locals here now.
I hope this is of interest to some of you.
Iris Waghorn whose mother was a Mulgrew

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