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From: "rachel.dysart" <>
Subject: [CoTyrone] Ogilby Estate, Liscloon, Donemana
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 23:10:24 +0100

I've transcribed these names from the Land records at PRONI, because there is so little info in the way of rent rolls. I'll post it to the
Tyrone website but it is clearer in a table, if anyone wants it in
that format.
There was an additional Ogilby estate near Omagh - the docs were in
the same box. I'll type it up and post it later.

Ogilby Estate, Liscloon, Donemana

PRONI Ref LR 1005/ 8/1

These papers relate to the sale of some of the Ogilby land near
Altnachree Castle, Liscloon, Donemana
Most of these purchasers would have been tenants of the estate
originally, but the names below are certainly only a small proportion
of the original tenantry. (No comprehensive rent rolls have been found
for this estate.)
All the documents related to sale under the Irish Land Commission and
all were dated between 1901 to 1904. Where a 'T' appears next to a
name, it means there was a right of turbary- cutting turf for fuel.
For ease of reference I have listed the two different estates

Surname First name Townland Acreage (Rounded) Remarks

Brolly John Ballyneanor 18
Callaghan George Carnagribbin 37 T
Callaghan Rebecca Carnagribbin 56 T
Chambers Thomas Liscloon Lower 55 T
Christie Michael Tirkernaghan 55
Colhoun James Ballyneanor 58
Liscloon Upper 6
Lisloon Lower 5
Colhoun WilliamBallyneanor65 T
Craig John Moneycannon 18 T
Cunningham David Liscloon Upper 47 T
Cunningham Joseph Moneycannon 51 T
Danton Henry Liscloon Lower 41 T
Devine Bernard Ballynacross 17 T
Devine John Ballyneanor 30 T
Devine Patrick Ballynacross 72
Doherty Eliza Jane Gortaclare 50 T Guardian of John James Kerrigan
Doherty John Carnagribbin 43
Gortaclare 4
Doherty Mary Anne Ballyneanor 31 T
Donnell Mary Carnagribbin 54 T
Eaton Samue lBallyneanor 62
Ballyneanor96 T

Galbraith JohnTirkernaghan 16
Galbraith Robert Tirkernaghan 130
Gamble Catherine Tirkernaghan 95 wife of John Gamble
Gamble John Glenmorning 35
Jack Catherine Tirkernaghan 51 T
Jack David Moneycanon 48 T
Jack David Liscloon U 81 T
KennedyWilliam Ballymeanor 78
Kerrigan James Claggan N 56 T
Kerrigan John P Claggan N 106 T
Kerrigan Mary Tirkernaghan 14 T
Keys William Tirkernaghan 75 T
Killen John Ballyneanor 120 T
Mahaffy Archibald Tirkernaghan 15
Mahaffy ArchibaldTirkernaghan6
Mahaffy John Ballyneanor 12 T
McCloskey Arthur Moneycannon 34 T
McCluskey Joseph Claggan N 54 T
McDermott Robert Gortaclare 27 T
McGill John Ballyneanor 26 T
McGill Neill and Elizabeth Gortaclare 93 T

McGonigle Samuel Liscloon L 3
46 T
McIntosh Jacob Tirkernaghan 62 T
McMahon JohnClaggan N 82 T
McMenamin Neil Claggan N 37
McMenamin Patrick Claggan N 32 Includes an agreement by William and
Catherine McMenamin to assign their land to Patrick McMenamin
Miller Andrew John Tirkernaghan36 T
Muldoon Patrick Ballynacross 12 T
O'Niell Hugh Ballyneanor 30 T
O'Niell Hugh Ballynacross 26 T
QuinnMaryGortaclare86 T
Quinn Neal Moneycanon 32 T
Quinn Patrick Claggan N 58
Robinson John Liscloon U 37 T
Liscloon L 21 T
Robinson John Liscloon U 22
Liscloon L 4
Robinson William Moneycannon 37 T # 2
Robinson William Liscloon U59 # 1
Robinson William Moneycannon 44 T# 1
Robinson William Liscloon U 13 # 1
Robinson William Moneycannon 46 T # 2
Rogers Samuel Carnagribbin 47 T
Rogers Samuel Gortaclare 54 T

Rogers William Carnagribbin 47 T
Rosborough Andrew Liscloon L 69 T
Rosborough John Ballyneanor 69
Rosborough John Ballynacross 12 T
Rosborough Joseph Monteith Carnagribbin42
Scott John Robert Tirkernaghan 26 T
Smith Robert Major Liscloon L4 T
Smyth Joseph Liscloon 16
9 T Post Office
Thompson William Moneycannon 79
Throne James Tirkernaghan187
Wallace John Carnagribbin 11
Gortaclare 47
Williams John Tirkernaghan 94

It is not clear from the documents whether one William Robinson bought
several parcels of land , or whether one person bought them all, or
two people bought some each. Documents marked # 1 were signed as a
witness by J Mark, Solicitor, 3 Aug 1904 and those marked # 2 were
witnessed by J Stack Murphy, Barrister 22 June 04

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