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Subject: Immigrants to New England - Gower , Graham , Granger , Grant ,Grater , Gray ,
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:00:04 -0700
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PLEASE NOTE** I have "no further data" on the persons mentioned.* The author
states that the information has not been verified.
Gower, Robert of Topsham, Me cir. 1766; m. 1. Margaret Alexander; Children:
Edward, William; m. k. Mary Henry, 1770; Children: James, John, Samuel,
George -Wheeler's Brunswick p 835.

Gragg, Samuel, - see Gregg.
Graham, Duncan of Rutland, Mass; from Londonderry, Ireland, in 1718; m.
Katherine --, d. March 19 1781, aged 91 y. 9 mo. ; Children: Alexander, also
perhaps William, John, Mary; d. at Rutland April 10 1768. -Lincoln's
Worcester p 49

Graham, Francis, Boston Mass; from Ireland , with Captain Dennis Nov 1719,
farmer; m. Mary Dickey Jan 20 1731 -Boston Record Com. Vol. 13 p. 64

Graham, Robert, of Chester, N.H.; from Ireland, before 1733; m. Janet Hume;
Children: Robert, Agnes, Jean, Esther, Mary, Ann; d. 1748 aged 80. -Chase's

Graham, William, of Chester, N.H.; from Ireland; m. Margaret Aiken;
Children: John, James, David, Sarah, Jane, Margaret, Martha and two others
(daughters); d. 1789 aged 73. -Chase's Chester p 535

Granger, Mr. Samuel, Boston, Mass; who came with Capt. Brunton, 1720;
admitted inhabitant of Boston Jan. 25 1720; admitted "to keep School to
teach writeing, Logick & Merchants Accots."; m. Susannah Peiret, March 20
1726. -Boston Rec. Com Vol. 13

Grant, Lt. James, of Salem Mass; 1762; int. m. Mary Hicks, Jan 2 1762;
Children: Hannah, Joshua Hicks, James, Patty. -Salem Vital Rec. Vol. 1

Grater, Francis of Marblehead Mass; m. Jane Wilson Jan 24 1779; Children:
James H., Charity Wilson, George Wilson, Jenny, Francis, Francis, George
Wilson, Francis, Jane; d. 1845 -Secomb's Amherst p 606

Gray, Francis, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland, 1719; m. ----: Children:
three; warned from Boston, 1719 -Cullen's Irish in Boston p 51.

Gray, George, Boston, Mass; from Jersey, b/4 1720; int. m. Mary Murriner Oct
20 1720. -Boston Rec. Com vol. 28

Gray, Hugh, Worcester, Mass; Ireland, 1718 -Wall's Reminiscences of
Worcester p 128

Gray, John, Holden, Mass; from Ireland 1718; Children: John, Samuel,
Matthew, Jonas, and probably Robert, Hugh, William and Mary. -Holden Vital

Gray, John, Worcester and Pelham, Mass; from Ireland, 1718; b. bir 1707; son
of John Gray (above); m. Isabel --, d. 1799 aet 92; Children: Daniel, Isaac.
John. Elizabeth and perhaps Ebenezer; d. 1782, aet 82. -Worcester Vital
Records pp 115

Gray, Capt. John, of Beddeford, Me; before 1720 [son of Joseph]; , m.
Elizabeth Tarbox, widow; Children: Elizabeth, Mary Alice; will 1752,
mentions "annual income from England." -Saco Valley Families, p 699

Gray, John, Boston Mass; by way of St. Christophers, 1736; a sailor; fell
from a yard arm, broke his breast bone and one of his legs; maintained at
Province charge.-Boston Rec. Com V 13
P. 76
Gray, Matthew, Worcester Mass; from Ireland, before 1717; b. 1710, probably
son of John; m. Margaret --; m. 2, Jean --, b. 1716, d. Dec 20 1764 set. 48;
Children: Sarah, Jean, Elizabeth, Mary, Matthew, John, Moses, Aaron, Reuben,
Esther, Isaac, Jacob, Robert, Joseph, Susanna, Jemima, Sarah, Sarah,; d. Feb
16 1783, aet 73. -Wall's Reminiscences pp 128

Gray Robert, of Hadwen Lane, Worcester Mass; from Ireland, 1718; probably
son of John Gray; b. 1697; m. Sarah Wiley, who came in the same ship in
1718; Children: Molly, [wife of Andrew Boyd], Sarah [Gray], Moses Willey,
Samuel, Experience [wife of Thomas Cowdin], Robert, Joseph, John, Thomas; d.
January 16 1766 [will]. Lincoln's Worcester p 49

Gray, Robert of Biddeford, Me; from Ireland; abt. 1718, at Biddeford
1739. -Folsom's Biddeford

Gray, Samuel, of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland before 1728; m. Eleanor --;
Children; Eleanor, Elizabeth, Samuel, patience. -Perry's Scotch-Irish p 14

Gray, Thomas, Scituate, Mass; from Ireland, before 1730; m. Sarah --;
Children: George, Sarah, Elizabeth, William Mary. -N.E. Hist Gen Reg Vol. 58

Gray, William of Lincoln Street, Worcester and Pelham, Mass; from Aghadowey,
Ireland, in 1718; [his sister Mary m. William Blair from Aghadowey, John and
Robert Gray, in 1724, sureties]; Children: William, Hugh, Ann Eliot, Eliot
m. Jean --, Ester, Johnathan, Lydia, Mary, Sarah. -Lincoln's Worcester p 49.

Gray, William, of Lynn Mass, b/4 1706; m. Hannah Scarlet, daughter of -- and
Hannah (Paul) Scarlet, Nov 16 1706, buried Oct 28 1756; Children: Joseph,
William, Jeremiah, Abraham, Hannah, Benjamin, Joseph; l. 1743, [will] Lynn
Vit Rec. Vol. I

Grayner, see Gryner.
Reminder: "It comes from many sources, some accurate and some
Inevitably, therefore, there will be mistakes. In some cases, mostly in the
records of ships entering Boston, those may have been included as immigrants
who were merely returning from a trip to New York, or even a trip abroad.
The list is only intended to be a guide toward further investigation, and as
such it is hoped that it will prove useful to many. Ethel S. Bolton -Author"
Originally published by The Essex Institute Salem Massachusetts, 1931
Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.1001 N. Calvert St.m,
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 First Printing 1966 Second Printing 1973 Third
Printing 1979 Fourth Printing 1997
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