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From: "Kerry Hall" <>
Subject: Re: [CoTyIre] Your Posting re William Scott
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 20:22:00 +1000
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The children were Jane (from Lisleen) married to John HAMILTON (from
Ardbarron), Ann, Martha Matilda, Margaret (possibly also from
Lisleen),Charles (from Castleberg), Mary Anne,William John, Elizabeth and
It would seem strange that all his siblings if he is in the same family
would head to Canada and he to Australia, unless he followed 3 of his
children there.
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From: "Fran Rose" <>
To: "Kerry Hall" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: [CoTyIre] Your Posting re William Scott

> Hi, Kerry.
> Was it R Craig Scott's 2003 posting that you saw? His William had come to
> Canada in 1818, I believe.
> Presumably you have names of other children of your Charles and Jane. Are
> any of them similar to the ones listed in my message? I have found more
> than one Charles Scott in Tyrone so you are probably right that there
> were two with wives named Jane. Australia seems to have had better
> records than Canada, as there are were no death certificates in New
> Brunswick before 1888 or so.
> My major sources were an aunt's handwritten and very rough family tree
> and a thick handwritten manuscript by a great granddaughter of Nathaniel.
> Nathaniel came to New Brunswick in 1820 with my John. The author of the
> manuscript did her research the hard way before the advent of the
> Internet, consulting church records and visiting archives in person. One
> of her sources was a woman in Utah, a descendant of Sarah Scott, the
> youngest of Charles and Jane's daughters. I was fascinated to learn that
> Sarah and her husband had gone to Utah, I believe with the first Mormon
> wagon trek. Apparently 2 Mormon missionaries had visited New Brunswick
> around that time. So Sarah and Joseph's descendants had a good knowledge
> of their heritage, and apparently at least one supplied information on
> that branch of the family to Nathaniel's great granddaughter.
> I assume that Scott, Beatie and Graham (re the posting today of message
> from Dan Hausman) were very common names in Tyrone!
> Best of luck with your research!
> On 28-Jul-08, at 9:09 PM, Kerry Hall wrote:
>> Hi Fran,
>> I too came in contact with a descendant of the William SCOTT that went
>> to Canada and have the same question.
>> I asked that descendant how and where did he get the info on William
>> SCOTT's parents but have never had a reply.
>> All I can tell you is Charles SCOTT and Jane BEATTIE are listed as his
>> parents on my William SCOTT's death cert, perhaps there are 2 Charles
>> SCOTT's with wives Jane BEATTIE and Jane BATTY.
>> ????????????
>> looking for answers myself
>> regards
>> Kerry
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>> Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 6:24 AM
>> Subject: [CoTyIre] Kerry Hall's Posting re William Scott
>>> I have decided to send this to the list rather than directly to
>>> Kerry, in the hope that other researchers who are or may be descended
>>> from Charles Scott and Jane Beattie (or Baty or Beatie) will add to
>>> our knowledge or correct any errors.
>>> I have been led to believe that I am descended from Charles Scott and
>>> Jane Batty (Beatie) of County Tyrone, Ireland. Here is what I sent
>>> the list in June 2007, in italics. See after the italics entry for
>>> today's thoughts.
>>> The furthest back my maternal ancestors can be traced is to Charles
>>> SCOTT, b 1767 in Ireland. His date of death is not known. Charles
>>> married Jane BATTY (BEATTY) born 1771. She died in 1861. All of the
>>> children with one exception (Jane, born in Scotland) appear to have
>>> been born in County Tyrone. And all the children seem to have
>>> emigrated to York County, New Brunswick, Canada at various times. But
>>> there is no trace of Charles and Jane in New Brunswick, so presumably
>>> they died in County Tyrone.
>>> Children's Names and Dates of Birth with Spouses
>>> John SCOTT b 1791 m. Martha ARBUCKLE b 1789
>>> James SCOTT b 1793 m. Elenor b 1794 (Surname not known)
>>> Jane SCOTT b 1796 in Scotland m. Charles GRAY b.1800 in Woodstock, NB
>>> Nathaniel SCOTT b 10 Mar 1793 m. Jane MURRAY b 12 May 1803 in County
>>> Donegal
>>> Hugh SCOTT b ca 1803 m. Isabella BOYD
>>> William SCOTT b 1 Jan 1807 m. Frances L. GRAY b. 1819 in Woodstock, NB
>>> Joseph SCOTT b ca 1810 m. Esther (surname not known)
>>> Sarah SCOTT b 11 Jun 1811 m. Joseph GRAY b.1810 in North Hampton, NB
>>> (This family went to Utah)
>>> Sarah was said to have been born in Ardstraw.
>>> My ancestor, John, arrived in New Brunswick in 1820 along with his
>>> wife and brother Nathaniel with his wife Jane and another brother
>>> Joseph. They had with them a bandle linen which leads me to wonder if
>>> the family was somehow involved in the flax industry. William
>>> apparently arrived in Canada in 1817. I don't know when the other
>>> siblings emigrated.
>>> I have connected with several other descendants of Charles and Jane
>>> and now have a sizable family tree of their children and descendants
>>> now scattered in the United States as well as Canada. Although much
>>> of my information comes from other researchers, I have been able to
>>> turn up additional information about Charles and Jane's descendants.
>>> I would be happy to share what I have discovered with other
>>> descendants.
>>> But despite following all the leads found in postings to the list
>>> over the last 2 years, checking all the links on the helpful Tyrone
>>> website and trying some of the paid gravestone and other services in
>>> Northern Ireland I have found no more information on Charles and his
>>> wife Jane BATTY (BEATTY). I would love to visit County Tyrone, but
>>> not without some solid information about where they might have lived.
>>> I found reference on the Irish Parish History Books web site to a
>>> person who was willing to do Ardstraw lookups in Historical Survey of
>>> a Parish 1600-1900, but a message to this person received no answer.
>>> Perhaps someone on the list has a copy of this book and would be
>>> willing to look up Sarah and perhaps other siblings?
>>> Have also found more than one Charles SCOTT in the Griffith's
>>> Valuation and the List of Spinning Wheels in Tyrone but am unsure of
>>> how to follow up on those leads.
>>> Most of my information came from a large handwritten family history
>>> by a descendant of Nathaniel. I have since connected via the internet
>>> with other descendants. Two descendants have helped to flesh out my
>>> family tree but another descendant (of the William above) has not
>>> responded to my messages.
>>> So the puzzle here is William. Is Kerry's William the same as my
>>> ancestor's son? Could Charles and Jane have had 2 sons named William,
>>> or were there 2 Charles and Janes?
>>> Another name that caught my attention is Ann Graham. My maternal
>>> grandmother was a Graham, descended from Patrick Graham and Katherine
>>> Duncan. (However that is off topic for this list, but perhaps Kerry
>>> would like to contact me about that branch of the family or about my
>>> Scott information.)
>>> Hoping to hear from Kerry, and perhaps others with more information!
>>> Fran Rose
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