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Subject: [CoTyIre] Some of the D.E.D.s for Cappagh civil parish 1911 Censusnear Omagh town
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 20:44:55 -0400
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One of my family lines (DONNELLY) is from Cappagh parish as well.

Here's a map of the parish which shows Mayne/Maine and the adjacent townlands:

Use this map to make your own DED map with the following information.

Maine (per the 1911 spelling) was in the DED of Killyclogher. In 1911, Killyclogher DED included the townlands of Ballynamullan, Boheragh, Cranny, Crosh, Glencordial, Killyclogher, Maine, & Tirquin.

In 1991, that DED was bordered by the following DEDs:
Drumnakilly -- the townlands of Ballynaquilly, Fernagh, Racolpa
Mountjoy Forest East D.E.D. Townlands: Carnony, Corranarry, Dunmullan, Erganagh Glebe, Farrest, Glengawna, Golan, Killybrack, Knockmoyle, Mountjoy Forest East Division, Rosnamuck, Rylagh, Tantramurry, & Tattynagole
(closer to Omagh town is) Camowen D.E.D. - townlands: Aghagallon, Arvalee, Camowen, Edenderry, Galbally, Garvaghy, Lisahoppin, Lisboy, Lislea, & Recarson

Other nearby DEDs (further away from Omagh town):
Mountfield D.E.D townlands -- Aghalane, Faccarry, Inisclan, Killins.

N.B. when you start looking at the 1901 census, especially near Omagh, there are a number of DED differences and the DEDs often had different numbers. Also, there are townlands in the 1901 census that don't "exist' as separately enumerated townlands in 1911, because by that time those townlands were part of the growing town of Omagh.


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Subject: Re: Maps of DED for 1911 Census

Good morning

Really I was just trying to see what families lived in adjacent townlands, which from what I could see did not necessarily fall into the same DED. I was just trying to "shortcut" the system, I suppose.

My own interest is the Guy surname - I believe "my" family may be related to the ones who lived in Mayne, Cappagh in the 1911 census. I am eagerly awaiting the 1901 online soon.

My g-grandfather may have been a brother to the people living there - and his mother was Ann Jane nee Robb and his father was John Guy, a farmer. I have been unable to find a marriage for them. They were Presbyterian. I was looking to tie in the Robb family in the area - or to see how close the nearest ones were.


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Subject: Maps of DED for 1911 Census

Karen, I am not aware of one. What townlands (or parishes) are you interested in & what surnames?

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Subject: [CoTyIre] Maps of DED for 1911 Census


Does anyone have a link to a map for these?




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