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From: Cyndi Howells <>
Subject: January 19-23, 1998
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 03:43:38 -0800

Hello all -

This list is for announcements only, generally posted a few times
each week if updates have been made to the Cyndi's List web site at:

The first section below contains new information added today. The
last two sections in this message list recent improvements and new
categories added recently. These sections will have repetitive
information for those of you who are long-time subscribers to this

I have thousands of requests for links backed up in my mailbox
right now. I'm working through 100-200 messages each day. I
promise I will get to everyone as soon as humanly possible. In the
meantime, my priorities are to correct broken links first, followed
by improvements to the list and additions of new links.


January 19-23, 1998:

Hi all -

I'm going to make this a quick one. I've been working diligently to
repair broken links. I'm making great progress with the help of two
online friends. I updated several categories over the last few
days, uploading the changes as I went. I didn't seem to be sitting
in this room long enough each time to get this post out to you all.
It was a crazy week!

I added several new society pages today, as well as Libraries and
Personal Home Pages. The Indiana and Washington pages are each
current with USGenWeb county links as of this evening. Otherwise
all updates to my site were spread out amongst several pages.

~~Categories that I updated in the last few days:
Acadian, Belgium, Books, General Canada, New Brunswick, Prince
Edward Island, Cemeteries, Chat, Databases, Events, Family Bibles,
Germany, Handy Online Starting Points, Huguenots, Land, Libraries,
Magazines, Native, Netherlands, Newsgroups & Mailing Lists, Odds &
Ends, Photos, Personal Home Pages, Professional, Queries, Religion,
Societies, Software, Surnames, Switzerland, Terms, US Civil War,
several US States and USGenWeb/WorldGenWeb.

~~Number of new links:131

~~Number of links deleted:36

~~Number of links updated/corrected:216

~~Most memorable site(s) I visited today:

John Robertson's Genealogy & Maps

Tennessee Genealogy & History



1. A new FAQ page to answer many of the repetitive questions and
cut down on incoming e-mail:

2. This mailing list, also in the hope of cutting down on incoming
e-mail by keeping everyone posted on what I'm up to each day.

3. An easier to navigate table of links at the bottom of each
page. These links to are to other pages in my web site that relate
to the day-to-day operations of Cyndi's List.

4. The addition of the NetMind / URL-Minder form at the bottom of
each page. This is a free service that will notify you by e-mail
that changes were made to a web page of your choice.

5. A new, non-intrusive javascript menu was added at the bottom of
each US state, Canadian province, UK and Scandinavian page. This
is a drop-down menu that will allow your javascript-capable browser
to jump to another web page within that category without having to
return to the main index.

6. Oct. 25th - I began to add small links to cross-reference some
of the categories on the main sites index. For instance, under the
"Religion & Churches" category, I put in cross-referenced links to
each of the other religion-oriented category pages on my site.
I'll do more cross-referencing there as I come up with more ideas.

7. Nov. 2nd - More cross-referencing on the main index as
described above.



Chat & IRC
Prisons, Prisoners & Outlaws
Travel & Research
U.S. - History
Wills & Probate

Successful surfing!

Cyndi Howells Puyallup, Washington

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Cyndi Howells Puyallup, Washington

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