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From: Cyndi Howells <>
Subject: Problem with the RootsWeb software
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 19:58:29 -0700

Hello -

Today, there was a problem with the mailing list software which
runs the CyndisList Mailing List at RootsWeb. The settings which
make the list a "read-only" list for you were temporarily disabled.
Someone sent in an "unsubscribe" message to the list address and it
was forwarded to everyone on the list. People started to reply to
this message and the entire thing snow-balled so that many of you
are receiving multiple messages regarding this unsubscribe. The
problem is being corrected now. It is hard to believe that one
person's message can cause so much havoc, isn't it? Multiply that
out by all the subscribers on this list and chaos ensues.

1. Please don't send any more messages to my personal e-mail
address, to Mark's address or to the mailing list address. The
people at RootsWeb are getting the problem straightened out right

2. In the future, if anyone needs to unsubscribe, be sure to use
the correct address:

We appreciate your patience as this problem is resolved. You may
see a few residual messages still make their way to your IN box, so
be sure just to delete them and in a short time these messages will
clean their way out of the e-mail system.

Thanks for your understanding,

P.S. I sent a copy of this message out to each of the people who
have e-mailed me on this problem today. PLEASE do NOT send me any
more mail regarding this problem. I have received over 200 messages
telling me:
a. That there is a problem.
b. That I should fix this problem.
c. That the sender will forward me copies of all the problem
e-mail messages.
d. That many of you are unhappy about this problem.

I understand that there is a problem. I understand that it should
be fixed. I understand that you are unhappy about it (believe me, I
am too!). We were aware of the problem as soon as the first message
was posted and caused all this. We contacted RootsWeb and asked
them to fix the problem as soon as we knew about it. They began
work on the problem right away. However, there are always a few
residual messages hanging about that are already on their way to
you. When you see a problem like this on this list, or any other
list, just be patient and let it work itself out. Please don't jump
to any conclusions and don't forward copy after copy of repetitive
messages to the list address or to my personal address. This only
causes more work for everyone involved. There are currently over
5,000 subscribers to this list. You can imagine the problems we
might have if everyone were to try to reply to these messages.
Thanks for your understanding!

Cyndi Howells Puyallup, Washington

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