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From: Cyndi Howells <>
Subject: Now that the dust has settled..
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 15:34:58 -0700

Hello all -

It appears that most of the residual e-mails have made their way
through the various systems and that we are back to normal. After
reading much of the over 275 messages I received regarding this
problem (and after filtering through the over 500 that Mark
received) I realize that now might be a good time to explain to
everyone exactly how mailing lists work. It is clear that there
are several misconceptions out there. As I said, after seeing the
confusion, I thought this was a good time for me to explain how all
this works. Hopefully you will find it useful information that will
make everything clearer in regard to all of the genealogy mailing
lists out there.

I have also been quiet on the list for a while now and there are
many new subscribers recently. So, I think a "catch-up" e-mail is
in order. Following this message, I will have a separate message
for each of the following topics:

1. How Mailing Lists Work.
2. A re-post of the official "welcome message" for the CyndisList
List. (Please be sure to keep a copy of this for future
3. A catch-up message explaining what I've been up to and what will
happen from this point forward.
4. A special-edition message regarding the Torrance seminar.
5. A special-edition message regarding the NGS conference in Denver.

Everyone who is receiving a copy of this message has subscribed to
the CyndisList Mailing List. The list is meant to be a "read-only"
list for announcements about updates to my web site, Cyndi's List.
The problem that we experienced yesterday was due to an error in
the programming at RootsWeb. I didn't cause the problem and I
didn't know about the problem until after the mess began and had no
way of fixing it any faster than we did. I immediately notified the
people at RootsWeb, but in the meantime many messages were already
making their way through the system. In the future, *if* anything
like this happens again (and heaven forbid that it does! <g>)
please just delete these types of messages as they come in. Do not
reply to them and do not forward them to me, to Mark or to the
mailing list. We are both subscribed to the list, so we get copies
of the same messages that you do, therefore we will know about the
problem at the same time you do. Many well-meaning and helpful
people tried to resolve the problems from their ends in a variety
of ways. Overall this was more work for them than was necessary,
because the people at RootsWeb are the only ones who can ultimately
resolve the problem. The easiest thing you can do when a mailing
list is behaving oddly and sending you messages that you know you
shouldn't be receiving is use the delete button often. The problem
will be resolved as soon as possible. You might inform the mailing
list "owner" directly just to be sure that they are aware of the
problem in case you are worried that the problem is yours alone.

For anyone who is not interested in any of the upcoming topics
listed above, and for anyone who is not interested in updates to
Cyndi's List, here are the instructions on how to unsubscribe
successfully. These same instructions appear in the welcome
message, on the web site and at the end of each message that I post
to the CyndisList Mailing List:

To unsubscribe send a NEW e-mail message to:

and in the body include only one word: unsubscribe
Be sure to turn OFF your signature file when sending this message.

Now, sit tight and things will hopefully be back to normal!
Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as this has
been worked through,

Cyndi Howells Puyallup, Washington

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