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Subject: September 25, 2001
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 12:58:00 -0700

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September 25, 2001
What's New on Cyndi's List?
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Hello all -

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TITLE: Pentrich Historical Society
DESCRIPTION: The small Derbyshire village of Pentrich has a history of
great importance. In 1817 the Pentrich Revolution took place, which was
England's Last Revolution and three men were the last to be sentenced (in
England) to be hung, drawn & quartered. The site includes details of these
revolutinaries. 14 of which were transported to Australia.The site also
includes the history & reasons behind the revolution and has history
regarding Pentrich from other periods.

TITLE: McNairn Resources and Information
DESCRIPTION: Information and Links for the Surname McNAIRN all over the
world. Also information and links relating to the areas that McNAIRNs exist
or existed.

TITLE: Franklin County, Ohio Gravestone Photos, &etc.
DESCRIPTION: My husband and I photograph small historic/abandoned
cemeteries in Franklin County, Ohio and upload the photos to the Internet.
There are also a few "odds & ends" taken at active cemeteries, and a few
photos from Union County. More photos are added as they are taken.

TITLE: Abeshaus - Scottish Genealogy Resources
DESCRIPTION: Find Scottish genealogy resources including CD Roms and Books.

TITLE: Hungarian Village Photography
DESCRIPTION: Do you want to see the village of your Hungarian
ancestors?Order digital photos of any Hungarian village you want.

TITLE: Russian Ancestors
DESCRIPTION: This project is called to help many immigrants from Russia
to learn about their roots,to make genealogical tree, to locate a relative,
to find a grave of ancestors andimprove its condition. Thanks to the
Internet, it is possible without leaving your seat.

TITLE: Military Rosters at Rootsweb
DESCRIPTION: Searchable data base for all wars.

TITLE: South Carolina and the Civil War
DESCRIPTION: Part of the American History & Genealogy Project, this
page is devoted to history and genealogy in the antebellum, Civil War and
Reconstruction periods in SC history.

TITLE: American History & Genealogy Project - South Carolina

TITLE: Israel Eddy's Little Elk
DESCRIPTION: Old Eddy Cemetery, Eddyville Cemetery, Mays-Strouts
Cemetery, hisktory of Israel Fisk Eddy, James Hamar.

TITLE: Glenwood, Harlan, Chitwood Cemeteries
DESCRIPTION: Enumeration of Glenwood, Harlan, Chitwood cemeteries in
Lincoln County, Oregon.

TITLE: Polk County Place Names
DESCRIPTION: In depth alphabetical place names list of Polk County, Oregon.

TITLE: Cornish Extended Family
DESCRIPTION: Free webpages for anyone with Cornish ancestry. Let us put
your surname list, family photos, contact details etc. online for free.

TITLE: Kernow's West Penwith Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: Parish registers, Bishop's transcripts, censuses,
photographs, postcards, recipes and more for the area of Cornwall known as
West Penwith.

TITLE: Cornish Family Mailing List
DESCRIPTION: This is a mailing list for anyone with Cornish ancestry.
It is not just a genealogy list, we discuss political issues, religion, the
Cornish language, Cornish music, in short anything relating to Cornwall.

TITLE: Lincoln County Place Names
DESCRIPTION: In depth place names for Lincoln County, Oregon.

TITLE: Benton County Place Names
DESCRIPTION: In depth place names for Benton County, Oregon.

TITLE: Leaf It To Me - the Genealogists Artist
DESCRIPTION: Custom water color & ink art work with 5 generations of
your family inscribed.

TITLE: My Cornish Website
DESCRIPTION: Phillack Parish Records from 1500's onwards and Southern
Sons of Cornwall pages.

TITLE: Dee's Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: Indexes to misc. resources for Racine County and Kenosha
County Wisconsin.

TITLE: Norfolk Transcription Archive
DESCRIPTION: A searchable database of parish register indexes, census
transcriptions; subsidies, tax returns, musters, war memorials, photographs
and more. As of Sept 2001 the site holds 250,000 entries.

TITLE: Gen Mag Online
DESCRIPTION: Internet Magazine for family history, genealogy and
history (particularly local history).

TITLE: Hudspeth Family Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: Research and history of Ralph HUDSPETH, who immigrated
from England to Virginia, and his descendants. My HUDSPETH family moved
from Virginia to Kentucky, to North Carolina, then on to Marion Co.,
Arkansas and Oklahoma. Some of the surnames associated with this Hudspeth



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