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From: Cyndi Howells <>
Subject: Cyndi's List - The Year 2001 in Review
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 02:30:41 -0800

Hi all -

Another year has passed me by and I'm not sure where it went. So, taking a
look at the numbers has helped to prove to myself that we made progress
this year on the site. I would like to share the progress we've made in
2001 on Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet:

See all details below.
Successful surfing in the new year,


2001 More than 33.2 million
2001 Average Daily Hits = 91,000

2000 More than 25.5 million
2000 Average Daily Hits = 70,000

Total Links 118,302 (+33,571 or 40%)
Categorized Links 110,162 (+34,506 or 46%)
Uncategorized Links 8,140 (-935 or 10%)

Total Links 84,731
Categorized Links 75,656
Uncategorized Links 9,075

SUMMARY 2001 Totals 2000 Totals Difference
New Links Categorized 38,641 30,436 +8,205 (+27%)
Links Updated 18,827 15,183 +3,644 (+24%)
Links Deleted 3,339 2,005 +1,334 (+67%)
Backlog of uncat.
links reduced by 6,864 3,837 +3,027 (+79%)
New Links
Submitted by Visitors 5,929 7,829 -1,900 (-24%)
FOR THE YEAR: 73,600 59,290

New links categorized 3,220 2,536
Updated/corrected links 1,569 1,265
Deleted links 278 167
Backlog of uncategorized
links reduced by 572 320
New Links Submitted
by Visitors 494 652

Link activity chart for the year 2001:
For comparison, see the chart for the year 2000:



The counter on the front page of Cyndi's List counts the number of visitors
who use that page each day, but it doesn't track numbers for the entire
site. Many people use links and bookmarks/favorites to take them directly
to category pages on the site, bypassing that main index page. So the
number of visitors to the site is much higher than what the counter
displays. Currently, more than 25 million people have accessed Cyndi's List
through the "front door" since the site was put online. However, according
to my monthly statistic reports, across the entire site there were more
than 33.2 million pages visited in the year 2001 alone!

There were 5,929 new links submitted to "What's New" pages on Cyndi's List
in 2001. The backlog of submitted links waiting on the "What's New" pages
were reduced by a total of 6,864. In the ongoing process of categorizing
these submitted links, the overall backlog of submissions was reduced by
about one tenth, beginning with 9,090 and ending with 8,140. I gratefully
appreciate everyone's ongoing patience with this process.

Thus over 35,500 new links were added to the categories on Cyndi's List for
a total of more than 110,100 categorized links with an additional 8,100
uncategorized links for a grand total of more than 118,300 links available
through Cyndi's List at year-end. That is an increase of more than 46% over
last year, at a rate of adding about 100 links per day or 2,960 links per
month. Each categorized link was reviewed individually by me or my helpers
for appropriateness and description and then hand-coded and added to the site.

In keeping with my philosophy that a list of links is only useful if the
links *actually work*, more than 18,800 existing links were updated to keep
them in working order. That is approximately one out of every six links on
Cyndi's List updated in the year 2001. Updates included address changes and
adjustments to titles and/or descriptions. When will the Internet just
settle down and become static? <g>

About 3,300 links to web sites were deleted due to the fact that sites were
moved (and couldn't be found again), were discontinued, or otherwise
broken. Links are only deleted after we are unsuccessful when making every
effort to locate a new address or to contact the web site owner for update



The following 24 new categories were newly created during 2001:

Databases - Lineage Linked
Ellis Island
England - Localities (40 county pages)
Genealogy Lending Libraries & Archives
Genetics, DNA & Family Health
Internet Genealogy
Medical & Medicine
Migration Routes, Roads & Trails
Mining & Miners
New England
Ports of Departure
Ports of Entry
Preservation & Conservation
Societies & Groups - Lineage
US State Level Repositories
US States - Localities (34 state pages - states A-L & O-W)
Video & Audio Tapes

In addition to new categories, many of the already existing categories were
cleaned up, reorganized, restructured and generally spiffed up to make them
easier to use. For example, each of the following categories were sorted
and/or had new sections added:

Canals, Rivers & Waterways
Family Bibles
Genealogy Standards & Guidelines
Libraries, Archives & Museums - General
Magazines, Journals, Columns & Newsletters
Medical & Medicine

One of the biggest jobs (and most likely one of the things that will
ultimately prove my insanity by undertaking this), was to begin to sort the
U.S. states into county and locality specific sections. I couldn't have
made even the smallest bit of progress without the help of my husband,
Mark. I built the templates pages and he has worked tirelessly to set up
and verify all county-level links, of which there are already thousands. He
has completed the basic set of pages for all U.S. states, A through L and O
through W. The remaining 16 states are in the works now. With the basic set
of pages in place, it is now easier than ever for us to continue to add to
the state links at county and regional levels.

Similarly, we began work on sorting the U.K. into county pages. We started
with England (currently now more than 4,700 links for all of England) and
gave each of the 40 counties a separate page. The county pages are
accessible from the main page for England and also on their own index page:
England - Counties Index
Up next -- Scotland, Ireland and Wales.



Cyndi's List was featured in bLINK Magazine, Kiplinger Personal Finance
Magazine, Today's Librarian, FamilyPC Magazine, Family Tree Magazine, The
Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Seattle Times among other media
reports about the site:

Published in June 2001:
Cyndi's List -- The Book!
2nd Edition -- 2 Volumes
A Comprehensive List of 70,000 Genealogy Sites on the Internet



Thanks to the generosity of my sponsors, Sierra Home Software, my
sister-in-law, Michele Ingle, continues to aid me with daily upkeep on the
web site. Michele is what we call our "Link Maintenance Specialist." She
works through each of the broken link reports that are e-mailed to us by
visitors to the site each day. She also methodically goes through each page
on the web site (more than 430 pages) and runs a link-checking software
program to identify broken links, then updates them all at one time. The
last time we checked the entire site, under 4% of the links on the site
were broken or inaccessible. This extremely low number is all thanks to
Michele's hard work. In between fixing broken links, Michele also helps me
to work down the backlog of submitted links. And she puts up with me (not
to mention my brother), so she is obviously a saint!

My husband, Mark Howells, continues to help me with the site in addition to
his own online genealogical activities and responsibilities AND in addition
to his daytime job at Weyerhaeuser. Mark's ongoing support all these years
has been priceless. I rely on him to help me with special projects and as a
sounding board when I come up with new ideas and directions for the web
site. He has also become my own personal expert for the U.K. section of my
web site, as most of his own research focus is in England, Wales, Scotland
and Ireland.



Our son, Evan, is now 4 and a half years old. He is learning how to spell
and wants to learn how to read. He is very proud that he can spell the word
"silly" which usually accompanies the spelling of "Mom" or "Dad." I have a
new, custom-made sticker that says "Silly Mom" stuck right on my computer
desk. Evan was in his first Christmas pageant at pre-school last month. I
was very proud and fluctuated between crying and laughing the entire time.
There is nothing more funny or more precious than a bunch of preschoolers
singing Christmas carols and hymns on stage. Our holidays were busy, quick
and hectic, but very nice overall. Spending time with our family was our
main focus. It is hard to believe that we're back to the normal routine
again now.

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