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Subject: January 29, 2003
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 02:22:33 -0800

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January 29, 2003
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TITLE: the Brazeau Gene Pool
DESCRIPTION: family tree of 4 main branches of family, BRAZEAU,

TITLE: The Men of Lafayette Biographies
DESCRIPTION: Biographies from the book "The Men of Lafayette,
1826-1893, Lafayette College, Its History, Its Men, Their Record".

TITLE: James MALLETT's Family Tree Site
DESCRIPTION: The Tasmanian genealogy of James MALLETT.

TITLE: mapsbymail
DESCRIPTION: We specialize in historical, genealogical and unique maps
of the Carolina's. We are the exclusive publisher of the G.P. Stout
Historical Research Maps of North Carolina which created county maps of
depicting all place names throughout the history of North Carolina.

TITLE: West Jersey History Project
DESCRIPTION: The West Jersey History Project is working to publish
documents, maps and surveys, articles, books and images dealing with or
related to the History of West Jersey(aka Southern New Jersey - with a bit
of the western part of central Jersey as well).

DESCRIPTION: Fully Searchable on-line DATABASES covering 12 Irish
Counties. Databases include BASSETTS 1880s resident directories for Co.
Flax Growers List, Griffiths Valuations, BELFAST residents Directory of
1852 and much more.

TITLE: The march from Kabul to Kandahar August 1880
DESCRIPTION: Biographical database of participants in Field Marshall
Lord Roberts' 314-mile march from Kabul to Kandahar, August 9 to August 31
1880, Second Anglo - Afghan War (1878-80).

TITLE: Family History & Legends
DESCRIPTION: A family heirloom is passed from family to family. This
website tells a story about a family heirloom which has been passed from
the BARRETT (BURESCH) family to the GRIFFITHS family through to the HALL
family in Ontario, Canada from 1890 to present day.

TITLE: The Quarterly, York County South Carolina
DESCRIPTION: A publication of the York County Genealogical and
Historical Society.

TITLE: Amanda Kimmet's Homepage
DESCRIPTION: Website centered around the genealogy of my ancestors and
relatives: The Kimmets, The Heys, The Blinzers, The Nelsons, The Oiens, The
Hermoes,The Krempges, and the Baumgarts. The Kimmet name is an altered form
of the surname Kummert. George and Anna Helena Baumgart Kummert emigrated
to America in 1839 and the Castle Garden officials Anglo-Saxonized their
surname for easier pronunciation. The Nelsons and Heggeseths emigrated in
the 1880s from Sweden and Norway due to the famine and lack of sustenance.

TITLE: Australian Capital Territory - historical deaths index
DESCRIPTION: Scroll down to the heading 'historical deaths indexes'.

TITLE: The CLARKE Family of Thurnham, Garstang & Preston 1686-
DESCRIPTION: History of the CLARKE family, Thurnham, Garstang &
Preston, Lancashire, England, 1686-.



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