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Subject: July 3, 2004
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 20:59:31 -0700

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July 3, 2004
What's New on Cyndi's List?
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Hello all -

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TITLE: ShtetLinks - Krakes/Krok Lithuania
DESCRIPTION: Shtetl page for Krakes, Lithuania.

TITLE: JewishGen On-Line Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)
DESCRIPTION: database of names and other identifying information from
Jewish cemeteries and burial records worldwide.

TITLE: Burial Societies in the New York Metro Area

TITLE: Jewish Cemeteries in the New York Metropolitan Area

TITLE: Fern Prairie Cemetery Burial Records
DESCRIPTION: Fern Prairie Cemetery, located three miles north of Camas,
Clark County, Washington USA was established in 1855 and is still being
used today for burials. Our website has a list of those buried here with
much pertinent data of value to genealogists. We will be adding pictures of
tombstones, obituaries, maps and more. It's a work in progress.

TITLE: Woody & Pats Home Page
DESCRIPTION: Banks and Sutton family homePage of Texas & Tennessee
Pictures and history of Ranger Texas.

TITLE: DALL'AGNOL family Association and other ones emigrates from Fastro
DESCRIPTION: Association that collect information about family
Dall'Agnol, Brandalise, Grando. Genealogy but nont only.

DESCRIPTION: Woody, and, Pat, Banks, family, genealogy, Banks, Tarrant

TITLE: Descendants of Lunsford Griffin
DESCRIPTION: Griffin, Case, Blankenship, Been, Stewart, Martin,
Tillman, Pierce surnames. Descendants of Lunsford Griffin, b. 1800 Nash
Couny, North Carolina.

TITLE: Scioto County Canal Society... Ohio (USA)
DESCRIPTION: Dedicated to the Education and Preservation of Canal
History in Scioto County.

TITLE: The Watson Family Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: This website is about the Watson Family. We are
descendents from the Mayflower and Charles of France. Included are photos,
family stories, family tree information, recipes and beautiful pictures.
The surnames in my family tree are WATSON, JONES, WHITE, DEVERELL,
WILLIAMS, LIBBY, NORTON, KNISKERN. Most of the ancestors on the tree are
from Maine, MA, MN and England.

TITLE: mountain family
DESCRIPTION: research mountain family in lincolnshire.

DESCRIPTION: Rev. Carson Howell descendants.



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