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January 24, 2007
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Hello all -

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TITLE: MCDANIEL Family History
DESCRIPTION: Website dedicated to
genealogical research and information for people
with the MCDANIEL surname only. Covers the United States, Scotland and Ireland.

TITLE: Washington County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society
DESCRIPTION: Genealogical society for Washington County, Ohio, USA.

TITLE: Who's Ya Daddy Family Tree Research Services
DESCRIPTION: At we specialize
in family history research in Mississippi and the south.

TITLE: Family Reunion Planner Organizer Resource and Software
DESCRIPTION: Award winning family reunion
planning resource with planning tips, guides,
tools and complete our own line of family reunion planner software.

TITLE: Briles Information Network

TITLE: Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register
DESCRIPTION: An ongoing project to
transcribe, photograph and map the cemeteries and
graves within the Hawkesbury Region of New South
Wales, Australia, and then to provide that information online.

TITLE: County Sutherland
DESCRIPTION: Genealogical Resources for those
researching their roots in Sutherland, Scotland.

TITLE: Raleigh, NC (people) photo store
DESCRIPTION: I own a Photography Studio is
Raleigh and 'inherited' approx. 50,000 negatives
from my Grandfathers studio that operated in
Raleigh from 1917-1956. He was located on
Fayetteville St. in the old Hudson Belk building,
and was one of two premier portrait photographers
in Raleigh during that era. The negatives are
mostly of people in the Raleigh area, but many
are of people from people of surrounding areas.
We also have many of other topics ranging from
WWI photographs, downtown Raleigh shots, NCSU
when it was AMC College, and my favorite ones are
from a beach trip to the coast for a week-end.The
ones I have scanned can be seen on my web site at and going to the Photo Store
on the upper right side. Once there, there are
categories that separate the collections.I have
been scanning the negatives for a year, and
wanted to have at least 5000 on the site before
we let the word out so that we would have a good
data base to pull from. They are all!
marked with names and are search able on my web
site by the persons (or place) name. We offer
them to people by doing the search on the web
site, and then they can download the file
straight to their computer by using a credit
card. From there, they can print them and or
share them with family members. Some of them need
art work, and we offer the art services as
well.This is a great story about how they were
given away and stored in a warehouse in 1956 (for
50 years) when my grandfather died. Then they
were given back to me about two years ago by the
gentleman who stored them as he was clearing his warehouse out.

TITLE: Decatur High School, Decatur, Indiana Girls Basketball Team 1920-21
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: Margaret
Moran, Katherine Kocher, Helen Swearinger,
Crystal Baltzell, Beatrice Peterson, Melvena
Butler, Lucille Butler, Miss Ossenberg -
Coach More Indiana Old Photos

TITLE: Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA Band 1922 Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: Kenneth
Baird, Charles Berg, Maurice Bigelow, Robert E.
Blakeslee, Ross Buck, Maurie Cuda, Carl Dawson,
William Dietrich, Robert Dixon, Robert Dell,
Stanley Dodsworth, Edward Downes, Francis Elia,
Edwin Ellis, Julius Harris, George Hawk, Charles
Herpich, Jacob Hill, Edward Keil, Joseph Jarvis,
John Jackson, Samuel Lichter, Charles Low, James
McDonough, William Martin, Harry Morrison, Harry
Moreth, Harold Morewood, Mark Ray, John
Rathgeber, Ralph Ramacciotta, Alvin Rudert,
Gilbert Sarver, Harry Scarlatta, Walter Scott,
Harold Stranger, Earnest Sevcick, John Thomas,
Lyman Thompson, Carl Volkwein, Ralph Weler, Oran
Weiman, Thomas West, William Wiegman, Keith
Wildeson, Eldred Yochem. More Allegheny County
More Pennsylvania Old Photos



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