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Cemeteries & Funeral Homes (2,114+ links)

November 17, 2008
What's New on Cyndi's List?
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Hello all -

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TITLE: Letters to Santa in the Malakoff News, Texas
DESCRIPTION: Name index to letters to Santa published from 1930 to 1935 in the Malakoff News, Malakoff, Henderson County, Texas. A link to images online of the newspaper is also provided.

TITLE: Genoom
DESCRIPTION: Genoom is a place to discover, share and connect with your family members.

TITLE: StorySeekers
DESCRIPTION: A full-service company, located in San Diego, that assists clients publish family histories, memoirs and life histories.

TITLE: Joe's Genealogy Project
DESCRIPTION: This is the home of our Ancestry's. It contains decendants charts, Storys, Obit and genealogy reports of the WEST, IVEY, TATUM, DRIGGERS, ALBRITTON, WIDNER, CHESHIRE, REDD, PURVIS, TAYLOR, WALLACE, McCAIN, WILKINS, PUPO, SANCHEZ, SHEFFIELD, BARROW, BROWN, CAMERON, LINDSEY, RAWLS, BARROWMAN and HUCKEBY family. There are also family pictures of most of these family and there are links to Sarasota Cemeteries, other Cemeteries, and information about family, friends and other things that was important to us.



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