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U.S. Census (1,518+ links)

August 13, 2009
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TITLE: Family HistoRicks
DESCRIPTION: The affordable way to rediscover your Dutch ancestry.

DESCRIPTION: My known Surname lineage is descended from Andrew Smyth (1720 - 24 FEB. 1812). Andrew's Father, William, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and removed to Roscommon, Ireland. William was said to be a man of some little property in Ireland near Belfast or Limerick, and is referred to as a BARONET. Unfortunately, there is no Smyth, Smith, Smythe to match these particulars in 'A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland' authored by John Burke and John Bernard Burke and first published in 1841. Neither is there any mention in Burke's Peerages, Baronetage and Knightage published in 1963. William's wife was Sarah Farrell, and his three sons were William, Joseph, and Andrew. William's oldest son, William, is thought to have inherited his father's title and estate. William's son Joseph went first to Scotland, and afterwards to Virginia in America (date unknown). When reference is made to early Virg!
inia, however, one must consider the magnitude of its genesis. A person having been born in Virginia as early as 1728, or as late as 1850, could indicate he/she was born in any part of: Illinois (1781-1818); Kentucky (1775-1792); North Carolina (1728-1779); Tennessee (1760-1803); Indiana (1787-1816); Maryland (1775-1792); Ohio (1778-1803); West Virginia (1769-1853). This is all that I know about Joseph Smyth. As I am sure you are aware, the spelling of last names was somewhat interpretive as recent as 100 years ago. For instance, Andrew?s grandchildren?s names were ?Smyth?-?Smythe?& ?Smith.?.

TITLE: Your French Ancestors
DESCRIPTION: Looking for help to find you french ancestors take a look to our services.

TITLE: British Commonwealth War Deaths -- WWI and WWII
DESCRIPTION: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the Debt of Honour Register, with 1.7 million names of Commonwealth soldiers killed during WWI and WWII. The scope of the database is as vast as the British Empire itself -- UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India. If you have family history with any English, UK or Commonwealth roots, this easy-to-use site is certainly a database to explore.

TITLE: Reading German Handwritten Records
DESCRIPTION: Reading German Handwritten Records includes two lessons taught within a self-paced, interactive experience that includes narration and several learning and practice activities.

TITLE: U.S. Military Records: Civil War
DESCRIPTION: U.S. Military Records: Civil War describes the various records of the Civil War as well as how to find and use these records.

TITLE: U.S. Military Records: Revolutionary War
DESCRIPTION: U.S. Military Records: Revolutionary War describes the various records of the Revolutionary War as well as how to find and use these records.

TITLE: Principios básicos para la investigación genealógica en Hispanoamérica (México)
DESCRIPTION: The Principios básicos para la investigación genealógica en Hispanoamérica (México) series is given in Spanish and includes an introduction to the key sources for family history as well as instruction regarding Parish Registers and Civil Registration.

TITLE: Basic Italian Research
DESCRIPTION: Basic Italian Research introduces the major record types available for researching Italian ancestors, as well as how to find and use such records. It also addresses historical events that affected the record keeping practices in Italy.

TITLE: Russian History, Geography, Records and Resources
DESCRIPTION: Russian History, Geography, Records and Resources is an introduction to the peoples and events important to genealogists researching ancestors in Russia.

TITLE: England Beginning Research Series
DESCRIPTION: This series of five classes includes an overview, census records, civil registration, church records and a class titled find your ancestors.

TITLE: Southwest Michigan Obituary Index
DESCRIPTION: Allegan, Berrien, Cass, Kalamazoo & Van Buren County newspapers.

TITLE: Family Web Site of Charles & Angela Pelletier
DESCRIPTION: Ancestors and Genealogy Charles and Angela Pelletier. Nmaes sunch as Bissett, Turner, Settle, Kuhn, Gammon, Houseal. Morash and other families of Nova Scotia and Jonah, Milton, Power, Beaumont, Kinnie, Butland, Steeves and other families of New Brunswick.

TITLE: How to Use the Two Keys to Good Family History Research
DESCRIPTION: Get your family tree off to a good start by using two key fundamentals of sound genealogy research. The first rule is to always work from the known to the unknown. The second is to a document each of your sources. Keep these two principles in mind and your research will stay on track. Read the full article here'.



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