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November 27, 2009
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TITLE: Big Springs Texas, School Photo, Fifth Grade, c 1902
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: Nancy Tomlinson (Barefoot). The names of the rest of the students are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them. More Texas Old Photos

TITLE: Holstein, IA High School Class of 1930 Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: William Van Hemert, G. Neubauer, H. Schell, W. Bayer, E. Groepper, M. Gaughn, C. Conover, L. Reinders, W. Wickey, N. Arp, R. Duster, L. Schroeder, A. Jackes, G. Hansen, H. Goettsch, R. Walker, M. Schmidt, H. Kuchel, D. Flanagan, M. McGowan, C. Leckband, E. Gottsch, C. Lorenzen, G. Sindt, S. Sorensen, L. Goettsch, E. Kordt, E. McDermott, D. Sindt, F. Schuldt, M. Paulsen, R. Ruser, O. Schroeder, L. Hansen, E. Madsen, C. Butcher, K. Conover, R. Mattlin, C. Hansen, L. Wiese, E. Will, G. Werner, K. Witt, C. Kiesling. More Iowa Old Photos

TITLE: Chaney High School, Youngstown, Ohio Faculty 1935-36 Photo
DESCRIPTION: On the faculty (and probably in the photograph): C. W. Ricksecker - principal, W. W. Parmenter - asst principal, Lucy Altiere, Alma Axelson, W. T. Barr, Grace Bruce, Ida Cowen, Margaret Coombs, Nancy Copeland, Marguerite Cost, Laura Crabbe, Helen Culbertson, Anna Darr, E. J. Diller, David Duff, Emily Eberhart, Hugh Erskine, Bernice Fawcett, R. S. Fisher, H. O. Foss, Marian Gilchrist, Fred Gluck, Elizabeth Gordon, Josephine Gotsuch, Eleanor Grant, Nellie Grant Greene, John R. Griffiths, Edyth Hadley, Fannie Hatley, Maude Hobson, Allein Holden, Gerda Kmentt, Elizabeth Knowlton, Janet Lamb, Martha Laughlin, Gomer Lewis, C. H. McPhee, J. B. Milleysack, E. P. Morgan, Edith Murray, Ellen Newman, Andrew O'Bruba, Ralph Ovington, Harry Pabst, Martha Pauline, S. W. Rawson, Lawrence Reed, Verna Rifenberick, Robert Ross, Mollie Russell, A. L. Sanders, Paul Schumaker, Bertha Sloan, Esma Smith, Dale Thompson, Laura Thompson, Cora Turner, H. A. Tuttle, Madelyn Vinopal, Ni!
na C. Eckert (secretary), Lucille Hoover (secretary). More Ohio Old Photos

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Finding Ancestors Who Were Immigrants to the US from Russia, Germany, Ireland and Italy
DESCRIPTION: There are some terrific specialty sources of family history information...large databases for immigration records and ship manifests from particular areas of the world. Here are a number of such sources from 19th century Europe, all free.

TITLE: Gen Mag Online
DESCRIPTION: Foremost and unique online magazine devoted to British Isles History, Family History and Genealogy.

TITLE: African American Genealogy Examiner
DESCRIPTION: Instructional articles on proper genealogy methodology, with a focus on African-American genealogical research.

TITLE: Ireland (Irish) Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: This group is dedicated to helping people with researching their ancestors in Ireland.

TITLE: Grundy County Missouri Genealogy and History with Trenton, Laredo, Galt, Spickard, Brimson, Tindall, Alpha, Buttsville, Edinburg, Lindley, Shott, Civil War, Birdsall & Dean, maps, family
DESCRIPTION: CD for sale. A collection of resources on CD for genealogy research in Grundy County, Missouri. Includes 616 pages with 424 family biographies. Includes the full 1881 Birdsall & Dean History of Grundy County, Missouri. Also included are 11 maps showing the location of 19 communities in Grundy County. Some of the areas that are included are Trenton, Laredo, Galt, Spickard, Brimson, Tindall, Alpha, Buttsville, Edinburg, Lindley, and Shott, MO.

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Advertising as a Family History Resource
DESCRIPTION: How did your ancestors live their day to day lives? What did they buy (and what did they *want* to buy, even if they couldn't)? Old advertising can offer some surprising insight into the world of your great-grandparents. There are some wonderful, free, online resources for researching old ads.



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