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December 23, 2009
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TITLE: Topeka, Kansas High School Class of June 1917 Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the class (and probably in the photograph): Laurent Schwartz, Jeanette Gleed, Edwin Scottan, Dorothy Pettit, Torence Avery, Louise Suit, Lelia Progrn, Enid McCaslin, Hugh McClean, Charles Kouns, Jim Smith. The names of the rest of the students are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize them. More Kansas Old Photos

TITLE: Union City, PA High School Class of 1930 Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the class (and probably in the photograph): Lester Danner, Neil Nelson, Harry Smiley, Jean Mosher, Dorothea Reynolds. The names of the rest of the students are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them. More Pennsylvania Old Photos

TITLE: Valparaiso, Indiana High School 1907 Basketball Team Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: Dow Johnson, Reginald Felton, Paul Nuppnau, Byron Smith, Raymond Fisk, Leslie Lembke, Ben Schenck. More Indiana Old Photos

TITLE: The Fenning - Fennings Family
DESCRIPTION: This website is free genealogy resource in the UK for families who have the surnames FENNING and FENNINGS, or who believe that they might have a genetic link to this family.

TITLE: Gen Lass - Genealogy Research in Northumberland
DESCRIPTION: Do you need information from the Northumberland Archives in U.K.? Parish registers, M.I.’s, photographs, maps? Fees and contact information on my website.

TITLE: PA-Genealogy
DESCRIPTION: Pennsylvania Genealogy, History& Biography E-books on CD. Over 1,000 Titles. PA Histories, Biographicals, Directories, County Atlases, Church Histories, Etc.

TITLE: Start a Family Genealogy Group on Google
DESCRIPTION: Family history groups are an excellent way to make contact with other people researching the same family lines that you are. You can use Google groups to get your family history online and start making more of those essential contacts.

TITLE: Nuckolls County, Nebraska Obituary Collection
DESCRIPTION: A collection of obituaries ranging from 1998 to 2008 from the Nuckolls County area.

TITLE: Barry County Missouri History and Genealogy including Cassville, Monett, Purdy, Exeter, Seligman, Washburn, Civil War, maps, Goodspeed
DESCRIPTION: CD for sale. A collection of resources on CD for genealogy research in Barry County, Missouri. Includes 195 pages with 44 pages of family biographies. Includes the full 1888 Goodspeed's History of Barry County, Missouri. Also included are 4 maps showing the location of 32 communities in Barry County, MO. Some of the areas that are included are Cassville, Monett, Purdy, Exeter, Seligman, Washburn, MO.

TITLE: Your Welsh Ancestors
DESCRIPTION: Professional Genealogist - Wales, UK. Specialising in Welsh family history. In-depth research carried out in Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey county archives. Also provides tailor-made family history tours in north-west Wales.

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Family History Research at the National Archives: More Online Than You Know
DESCRIPTION: In the course of your family history work, you may already have visited the online site of the National Archives at But there's probably a lot more genealogy information that you may have seen, including some nifty things like military records, slavery accounts, immigration records, and even something called Enemy Alien Registration Affidavits. Well worth another look.

TITLE: Ossian, Indiana High School Basketball Team Photo, probably 1910s
DESCRIPTION: The names of the players are unknown. Perhaps you might recognize some of them. More Indiana Old Photos

TITLE: Bridgeton, New Jersey High School 1913 Basketball Team Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: Albertson, Ansink, Archer, Ashmead, Bowen, Clark, Elivell, Garrison, Hawkins, Henderson, Johnson, Leurs, Newcomb, Riley, Robbins, Sheldon, Sheppard, Van Sant, Whipple. More New Jersey Old Photos

TITLE: Chelsea, MA High School 1932 Girls Basketball Team Photo
DESCRIPTION: On the team (and probably in the photograph): Winifred Taylor, Rose Javian, May Clasky, Genevieve Bowyer, Rachel Finn, Florence White, Beatrice Sherr, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Mary Girshfield. More Massachusetts Old Photos

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Merry Xmas...I Found Santa's Grave
DESCRIPTION: Has Santa Claus passed on? According to several prominent genealogical databases, there are numerous death records for Santa (or at least his ancestors), complete with SSN and photographic proof. But don't let that dampen the holidays. Merry Xmas, Cyndi, and all fellow family history research geeks.



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