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Cemeteries& Funeral Homes (2,160+ links)

December 25, 2009
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TITLE: Durr/Long Family Tree
DESCRIPTION: Their are many names in my family but Hand,Durr,Long,Glines, Corey, Mckinstry, Reeder,McCabe,Ruble, Hansen are my main research.

TITLE: Schneidemühl
DESCRIPTION: Schneidemuehl Dedicated to the history and memory of the former Jewish community of Pila and Schneidemuehl, in the heart of Wielkopolska, Great Poland, the area that later became the Prussian province of Posen.

TITLE: DNA Art Online®
DESCRIPTION: DNA Art created from your DNA Profile. We will send you a DNA test kit and compare your DNA to over 250 populations worldwide, create an ancestral roots map, detailed report, and beautifully display your DNA portrait on canvas.

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Free Lexis-Nexis for Family History Research
DESCRIPTION: Lexis-Nexis is a huge online database with ... some say ... as much information as Google itself. There's a lot of wonderful family history information here, including several centuries of federal and state court cases. It's a subscription database, but there are some tricks for getting Lexis-Nexis information for free.



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