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January 2, 2010
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TITLE: Holstein, IA Second Graders 1927 Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph: E. Raabe, F. Schroeder, H. Will, A. Nord, P. Soseman, I. Drake, E. Wehde, L. Lohff, L. Hermecke, G. Hansen, D. Sullivan, M. Dahms, R. McCrea, D. Mattlin, D. Petersen, L. Hansen, M. Ringstad, P. Fredricksen, H. Godbersen, S. Halversen, M. L. Mercer. More Iowa Old Photos

TITLE: Roney Boys Band, Chicago, Illinois Photo
DESCRIPTION: Shows Henry B. Roney, Trainer& Manager, and 5 boys. More Illinois Old Photos

TITLE: Canaan, CT High School 1938 Baseball Team Photo
DESCRIPTION: In the photograph - Donald Blodgett, Francis Foley, Fred Staples, Louis Gatti, Warren Blass, Coach Charles Luminati, Elio Perotti, Gene Alquesta, Robert Cook, Archie Weaver, Irving Warner, James Garfield, Coach George Potterton, George Greene, Francis Ouefield, Domenic Sebben, Bernard Tierney, Bruno Piretti, Wilis Blodgett, Armando Segalla. More Connecticut Old Photos

TITLE: Franklinton, NC High School 1930 Commencement Program |
DESCRIPTION: Class Roll: Mary Elizabeth Cheatham, Thurston Ailen Cooper, Milton Glover Exum, Louise Reynolds Ford, Maudice Lorena Hagwood, Mattie Virginia Hagwood Eleanor Grace Harper, Tessiephine Harper, Douglas O'Brien Langston, Elizabeth Wheeler McGhee, Festus Alfred Mitchiner, Lillian Parker Mitchiner, Mary Elizabeth Powell, Nina Robertson, Kathleen Rowe, Bruce Cleveland Shearon, Sarah Dixon Vann, Dallas Tucker Ward.

TITLE: Searching Old Newspapers for Family History
DESCRIPTION: Newspaper archives are one of the best online sources available for searching family history...almost every family gets mentioned in the newspapers sooner or later. Here's an excellent example of how newspaper archives can be researched to shed light on your ancestors.

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Free Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
DESCRIPTION: Sanborn insurance maps show amazingly detailed views of cities and towns across the US, covering much of 19th and early 20th century America. Explore these family history tools at free sites where you can download Sanborn maps.

TITLE: Online People Search Tools
DESCRIPTION: There are some excellent tools online for finding information on people, whether living or dead, friends or ancestors. Many of the tools are not well-known, but can be very informative.

TITLE: The Jay County Historical Society, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: The Jay County Historical Society is located at 903 E. Main St., Portland, IN, 47371, Ph. 260-726-7168. We have an 11,000 sq. ft. museum. We recently merged with Jay County Genealogy. See our for details.

TITLE: Tracing Family History
DESCRIPTION: Individuals choose to begin Tracing Family History for a variety of reasons. After spending time going through family documents and searching for more information about their ancestors, they realize the importance of tracing their family history. They want to gather as much documented information that they can pass along to those who will follow behind them.

TITLE: What is Genealogy?
DESCRIPTION: Let's consider exactly What Is Genealogy and why you might be interested in it? Genealogy is the study of a family's ancestry. It comes from the Greek word 'generation' and it can be a great way to connect to your family, history and genetic records all the way back to the beginnings of record keeping.

TITLE: Best Family Tree Software
DESCRIPTION: How do you go about deciding on the Best Family Tree Software for your particular needs?Genealogy is the science of researching your family history. While at first it may seem like a simple process, once you get a hundred or so years back, it can actually become quite complicated. People marry, remarry, change their name, and keeping this information organized can become a project in and of itself.

TITLE: Understanding Birth and Death Records
DESCRIPTION: Let's take a look and the importance of Birth and Death Records In Genealogy Research and how you can g about understanding them!One of the most useful and perhaps most common type of document used in genealogy research are birth records. They not only tell when a family member was born, they also identify the parents. Unfortunately, birth records are often one of the most difficult records to get your hands on because of privacy laws. Let's take a look at the valuable information birth records can provide and where you can find them.

TITLE: Edmund's Community Courier
DESCRIPTION: Family Association newsletter containing general and specific information of interest to genealogists. Examples of general information are; research tips/tools/, and history. Examples of specific information is; handler ancestors.

TITLE: British Home Children Descendants
DESCRIPTION: Thousands of impoverished British children were sent by figures such as Dr. Barnardo, Maria Susan Rye, and Annie MacPherson to be placed in rural Canadian farms and homes, as well as to populate and for some to be trained as servants in Australia, Rhodesia, and New Zealand. Descendants often have no resources to turn to, so this site, created by a BHC descendant, is attempting a massive project to record each and every British Home Child/British Child Migrant sent to the Commonwealth by England.



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