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January 6, 2010
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TITLE: Ancestral Sleuths
DESCRIPTION: World-Class Genealogical Research In Salt Lake City WITHOUT The World-Class Price - You could WIN up to 10 hours of FREE research with our Gene-A-Lotto. 15+ years and 40,000 hours experience.

TITLE: Search Engines Index
DESCRIPTION: Search Engines in every country in the world.

TITLE: The Generations Project
DESCRIPTION: This is a new Genealogy TV show.

TITLE: Use Convict Records To Trace Your Ancestor Online
DESCRIPTION: A guide to using online records to discover if your British ancestor was a convict, and to discover more about his or her transportation and life in Australia or Tasmania.

DESCRIPTION: From High Kings of the Northern O'Neill of Ireland this book traces a family back to the 4th century. It shows how their lives were affected by the Romans and Christianity. Princes and Bards in Meath their lives were disrupted by the Vikings and King Brian Boru. After the arrival of the Normans in the 12th century a branch of the O'DALAIGH family went to the West of Ireland where they became Brehons and Bards of great renown. In Connaught the O'DALY became chieftains and landowners; by the 16th century they married into the New English class including the D'ARCY family of Galway. The DALY family became lawyers, politicians and landowners in Galway. They married into the GORE family and also lived in Dublin. By the end of the 18th century a branch of the family went to Bantry Bay in Munster as DEALY. His descendants migrated to Canada, America, England and New Zealand. A genealogy list is included.

TITLE: Free Genealogy Tools: Ancestor School Days
DESCRIPTION: If your ancestors went to high school or college, they may well have left traces of their academic lives on the web. Here's how to ferret out their old school days with some free online family history tools.

TITLE: Dueling Family Histories
DESCRIPTION: A fascinating account of the online detective work to trace down the fate of two 19th duelists in Paris, who's dueling pistols are still in the family in modern days.

TITLE: Family Bad Boys
DESCRIPTION: Not everyone in your family tree is an angel. In fact, almost every family has a few bad apples who, sooner or later, wind up under arrest and even in jail. Here's how to track down criminal records.



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