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Subject: Re: [DALTON-L] John Dalton
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 1998 20:39:15 PST

My Dalton family history by Val John Jennings

Simon Dalton was born 10 Mar. 1863 in Peterson, Morgan, Utah. On July 29
1888 he married Elinor Patience Pierce the daughter of George Henry
Pierce and Sarah Jane Skinner Pierce. Simon and Elinor had eight
children: Ira Orlando Dalton, Estella Eunice Dalton, Esther May Dalton,
Minnie Chloe Dalton, Raphael Charles Dalton & Retta Clara Dalton
(twins), Bertha Irene Dalton & Belva Madlyn Dalton (twins).
Estella Eunice Dalton was born 26 Oct. 1889. She married Henry Milton
Jennings (my grandfather) on 7 Feb 1907.

Charles Dalton was born 22 Aug. 1810 in Wysox, Bradford, Pennsylvania.
He married Eunice Daniels on 23 Apr. 1854 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She
was his second wife. His first wife was Mary Elizabeth Warner and his
third wife was Emma Halliday. Charles and Eunice had six children: Dell
Dalton, Charles Sheffield Dalton, Orlando Dalton, Don Carlos Dalton,
Simon Dalton (my ggrandfather), & William Henry Dalton. Charles Dalton
was a blacksmith and a farmer. Charles Dalton's parents were John
Dalton, born 2 Jan. 1763 at Connacochique, Norchumberland, Pa. (which
was known as Conico Jiggs or Connaco Chique and became Conococheague,
Maryland) and Elizabeth Cooker, daughter of Simon Cooker and Elizabeth
(Betsey). Elizabeth was born on Christmas day in 1760.

John Dalton & Elizabeth Cooker had nine children: Margaret, Henry, Sally
(Sarah), John, (Betsy) Becky, Simon Cooker, Jamia, Charles (my
gggrandfather), & Harriet.

Charles Dalton's parents were Thomas Dalton and (Polly) Mary of Pembrey,
Crmrth, Wls
Thomas' parents were James Dalton & Mary Bonneville. The Daltons came
from Wales to the United States
James' parents were James Ormond Dalton & Ayliffe Edwards
James Ormonds' parents were James Dalton & Joyce Vaughn
James' parents were Walter Dalton Jr. and Jane Needham
Walter's parents were Walter Dalton Jr. & Elizabeth who lived in England
Walter's parents were Walter Dalton & Margaret
Walter's parents were Roger Dalton & Mary Ward
Roger's parents were William Dalton & Jane Towerly
William's parents were Roger Dalton and (Miss Radcliff?)
Roger's parents were Richard Dalton & Jane Whitaker Roger's parents were
Richard Dalton & Miss Heise
Richard's parents were Robert Dalton & Margaret Holker
Robert's parents were John Dalton & Miss Pilkington
John's parents were John Dalton Sr. & Alice Hussey
John's parents were Sir Robert Dalton & Miss Latymer
Sir Robert's parents were Sir Richard Dalton Jr. & Miss Lawrence
Sir Richard's parents were Richard Dalton & ?
Richard's parents were John Dalton & ?
John's parents were John Dalton & ?
John's parents were Le Simon de Dalton of Normandy, France born about
1125 and ?

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>2. dau 'polly' Mary James b(1782 VA)
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> 3. dau Mary Paulina Sugg b(ca1814 Ohio Co KY) d(10 Jun 1882)
> m(07 Feb 1828) John Dalton b()
>I am looking for descendants of John Dalton.
>I am building an extended family tree of JAMES.
>I have 4,542 names in the JAMES tree but little on this branch.
>Michael Nelson, Fullerton CA
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