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From: Betty Miller <>
Subject: RE: SC Dancers - American Revolution
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:22:18 -0600

Thanks so much for the new information

Betty Miller

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Subject:SC Dancers - American Revolution

Years ago when we first became interested in family history Mayo went to
the genealogy department of the Fort Worth Public Library. He told the
librarian he was interested in Dancers and told her they came from SC. She
picked up the book by Janie Revill entitled:

1786 and found:

Page 80 - Dancer, Henry - Return #61

Page 80 - Dancer, John - Return #61

John Dancer was a Sargeant in the Militia and Henry Dancer served as a
Footman [foot soldier] in the Militia. Military service was 1781 and 1782
for 3 months each and gave both men claim to service in the Continental
Army. One researcher indicates that Peter Denser is in a listing of men at
the Battle of King's Mountain. I have not been able to locate that record.

When Bounty Warrants were available John had Henry pick his up for him.
We have no record of where the BWs were located. More than likely each man
sold his BW. There is no indication that Henry claimed bounty land in TN.
It would be wonderful to find that record if it exists.

Because of the difference in the military rank of John and Henry we believe
John was the elder of the two. We believe Henry had to be born about 1765
to be old enough to serve in the army at the time he served. This is the
basis for Henry's birthdate.
Claims for Revolutionary service from SC were usually filed in SC and are
not found in the National Archives Military Records.

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