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From: Jack V Butler <>
Subject: Re: [DANIEL-L] James and Elizabeth Woodson DANIEL of Goochland County,VA
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:52:14 -0500
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I am not going to go into that whole argument again, since I feel that it
has been proven conclusively that James Daniel of Albemarle was, in simple
fact, James Daniel of Middlesex.

I will say, however, that there were at least three and probably four
totally different James Daniels in the records of Goochland, Cumberland and
Albemarle Counties, VA. Two of them were the James Daniel who, as you point
out, died in Goochland County in 1734 (Goochland County Court Orders: May
21, 1734. Ann Daniel appointed administratrix of James Daniel, deceased.
Sureties, Richard Parker and William Moseley.). He was the one whose wife
was likely Ann Parker, and who had sons James Daniel, Richard Daniel, and
William Daniel. And, yes, that family is the one who has the Woodsons all
over it. This line may or may not connect to the line of Roger Daniel - I
have seen nothing yet to say one way or another. If there is such evidence,
I would be interested in it.

The largest problem with comingling of the different Daniels in this area
seems to occur when folks want to insist that the James Daniel mentioned
immediately above (son of James who died 1734) is the same man as James
Daniel of Albemarle - they are not the same man.

This James Daniel (son of James who died in 1734) is the one who owned the
land on the Soak-arse branch of the Willis River. He is also the James
Daniel who was Sheriff of Goochland County (on July 17, 1740, James Daniel
of Soak-arse Creek was appointed Constable of Goochland, and I am
comfortable that this is the same James Daniel who became Sheriff of that
county in 1743). Apparently, Soak-arse Creek was in that part of Goochland
County that became Cumberland Co. A November 27, 1755, deed refers to
James Daniel and Elizabeth, his wife, as being "of Cumberland". In that
deed, James and Elizabeth Daniel sold to John Wayles, of Charles City
County, 96 acres "Where said James Daniel now lives". Throughout this
period, records of the other James Daniel consistently refer to him as James
Daniel of Albemarle.

Some time between 1755, James Daniel of Soak-arse creek appears to have
moved to Halifax County, VA. A January 31, 1757 Cumberland County deed,
made by James Daniel, "of Halifax", to William Routon of Cumberland, is for
"200 acres, lying on branches of Soak-arse run, adjoining William Woodson
and others, previously patented to Woodson and Daniel."
This search is complicated by the fact that James Daniel of Albemarle County
also bought land in Halifax County - actually, he bought the land in 1747,
when it was still in Lunenburg County. But he sold it in 1752, after that
part of Lunenburg had become Halifax - but in both deeds he was referred to
as "of Albemarle".

It also appears that James Daniel of Soak-arse and of Halifax was still
alive in Halifax County after James Daniel of Albemarle had died. An August
17, 1768, Halifax County, VA deed, records the sale of 400 acres on the
south side of the Bannister River, from Richard Echols to Richard :Daniel.
Witnesses were James and William Daniel.

Jack Butler

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From: "John R. Clarke" <>
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Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 8:41 AM
Subject: [DANIEL-L] James and Elizabeth Woodson DANIEL of Goochland County,

> Good Morning,
> Still catching up on mail from last week but here is a deed some who
> think that James DANIEL was not married to Elizabeth WOODSON and if her
> he died in 1733. It was his father, also named James, who died in
> 1733/1734, as indicated on the sale of land by Ann (PARKER), his mother on
> 21 May 1734.
> As I also remember, the Appomattox River runs partly is an Albemarle
> County, VA which matches up with some of the other information we have
> on this bunch. According to one of my notes, the estate of James, who
> intestate, was probated in Goochland County, VA in Deed Book No. 2,
> 1734-1736 p. 251. Inv. & Appr. rec. 20 July 1736. I have not read this
> particular reference, so I do not know what it says but the Inventory and
> Appraisal may tell us who was involved in the distribution of this estate.
> The Lewis JENKINS, mentioned in the 1740 deed was the husband of Mary
> PARKER, Ann PARKERS's younger sister. The Richard PARKER listed in one of
> the deeds was Ann's brother, Richard PARKER III. The Stephen WOODSON
> on the 1734 appraisal was also family, as was the John LEWIS because an
> Elizabeth LEWIS, daughter of a John LEWIS, had married Robert WOODSON, Jr.
> and they had a son named, Stephen WOODSON born 1682 I am sure these were
> probably later descendents of the WOODSON and LEWIS families but it shows
> the reason these names are on the 1734 appraisal -- they were all family
> there is nothing like a "fair market appraisal" when it is done by family.
> <grin>
> I can find no reference that states that the Elizabeth who was a wife
> James DANIEL of Goochland County, VA, was in fact a WOODSON. However, all
> indications are -- she was and until someone can find information to the
> contrary - I will carry her as listed - Elizabeth WOODSON, daughter of
> Benjamin Louis WOODSON, Sr. and Sarah PORTER of Henrico County, VA.
> It just seems to be there has been a commingling of the Middlesex
> DANIELS and the Roger DANIEL line, especially at the James DANIEL and Ann
> PARKER juncture. We know you see this in the James DANIEL and Elizabeth
> WOODSON line but it is also in the William (or Williams) DANIEL and
> Elizabeth WATKINS branch, as well. This may be because James died in 1734
> w/o a will. I don't know but what I do know is this DANIEL bunch is a
> WOODSON line - hook, line and sinker....
> The reason I monitor this Woodson-Daniel family is because this is the
> same WOODSON family that ties into my FITZPATRICK family in Fluvanna
> VA. Joseph FITZPATRICK (1723-1781) married Mary Perrine WOODSON
> in 1739 in Fluvanna County, VA. Mary Woodson FITZPATRICK died in Greene
> County, GA
> This is also the same FITZPATRICK family that later marries DANIEL
> descendents in Morgan County, GA. I also have the name, Chesley, in my
> DANIEL bunch in Burke County, GA -- the previous generation from that
> in Madison, Morgan County, GA.
> I know some may disagree but anytime I see the name "Woodson" in a
> DANIEL family -- I know that DANIEL family is more than likely from some
> branch of the Roger DANIELL line and not part of any other DANIEL family.
> In fact, I have also never noticed any known branch of the WOODSONS to
> link up with the Middlesex DANIEL family. They just did not do it, at
> in the general time frame we are discussing.
> The reason I think they never linked up with families outside of their
> little group was strictly financial -- they had the money and money begets
> money and they were not letting any of it out of the family. My TOMLINSONS
> were much the same way, but to the same degree. <grin>
> At least we know one thing from these deeds -- James DANIEL, who
> an Elizabeth, was alive and kicking on 9 Sep 1746 in Goochland County, VA
> and this not only puts him in the time frame to be a parent of CD but
> others, known and unknown.
> I also want you to note there is one other family surname that floats
> all through the WOODSONS -- the ALLEN Family. William WOODSON, son of
> Benjamin and Sarah,.married Sarah ALLEN and there were lots of
> between William WOODSON and the DANIELS because Elizabeth Woodson DANIEL
> her brother. I also think this is part of the Robert ALLEN family of
> Henrico -- home base for the WOODSONS.
> <<<
> Goochland:
> 17 Aug 1733, patent to James Daniel, 330a on Appomattox Rv, Goochland
> Dd Bk 3-339 15 Jul 1740, deed, Richard Daniel of St. James Parish,
> co, to James Daniel of same, £60, 100a, part of 330a ptd to James Daniel
> Aug 1733, bd Appomattock Rv and Lewis Jenkins. Wit Gideon Marr, Thomas
> Tillman, Luies [sic] Jenkins. Signed by Richard Daniel, recd 15 Jul 1740
> Dd Bk 5-177, 9 Sep 1746, deed , James and wf Elizabeth Daniel to Richard
> Weatherford, 100a, part of tract grt to James Daniel, father of above
> [meaning this deed] James Daniel, patent 17 Aug 1733, conveyed to the
> named James Daniel by Richard Daniel. ackn that same day by James and wf
> Elizabeth.
> James, the father of James, died intestate:
> 21 May 1734, Ann Daniel was apptd admrx of James Daniel, with sureties
> Richard Parker and William Moseley.
> Goochland Dd Bk 2-251: Inventory of James Daniel, appraised 24 Dec 1734 by
> Stephen Woodson, Stephen Cox, John Lewis, value £41.12.3, brought by Anne
> Daniel, recd 20 Jul 1736.
> The 330a was cut into Cumberland:
> 26 Oct 1761 [Cumberland] Richard and wf Agnes Daniel of Cumberland,
> parish, to Charles Ballou, 230a formerly in Goochland, now Cumberland,
> adjoining Appomattox Rv, part of 330a patented [first part of date
> but ends in --33].
> >>>
> John R. Clarke
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